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The finish to Monday Night RAW had what everyone knows and loves about professional wrestling. It was the infamous back-stab, swerve, or BAH GAWD moment that sports entertainment has become known for. When Seth Rollins stood behind his Shield-mates with a chair, maybe you thought it was possible, but it was unlikely. Then, Triple H gave the signal to execute “Plan B” on The Shield, and jaws dropped. As Rollins turned, the WWE Universe took their confusion to Twitter, questioning WWE’s reasoning for the timeline of events. How could Seth Rollins participate in a brutal match against Evolution at Payback, only to join them the following night? That’s what makes a swerve so great; when we question why/how it happened. It shouldn’t matter if we’re yelling at the Rollins character, asking how he could do that to his buddies, or if we’re questioning why WWE’s creative team wrote it that way. The point is, it worked. Seth Rollins turned heel last night, and we’re talking about it. As the great (?) Batista would say, “Deal With It.”

Where do we go from here? Rollins is apparently taking the place of Batista (or, Blue-tista) in Evolution, leaving Reigns and Ambrose as allies in the now defunct Shield. The feuds should divide up rather nicely, depending on Triple H’s inclusion in the actual wrestling side of things. If Triple H keeps going in the ring a bit longer, we could be in for the following:

Triple H vs. Roman Reigns – This match has been long predicted and long anticipated. The counter argument to this match going down at Money in the Bank is that WWE could see this better suited for a larger show, like Summerslam. If Hunter takes a step back from the ring for a while, we could see Orton vs. Reigns instead – the match that was supposed to go down on RAW before Rollins turned. Either way, this match should happen at some point, and it should be a great one.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose – Rollins turned, and now he needs someone to fight. Ambrose is a great in-ring match for Rollins; “this is awesome” chants are already breaking out. This one could easily be a MITB featured bout, unless they choose to place Dean and/or Seth into the ladder match.

Randy Orton’s fate – If the two combinations above are booked, Orton is left with nothing to do against The Shield. Barring a new third Shield member, Orton wil likely find his way into the MITB ladder match for the briefcase. As last year’s winner, it would make sense for him to be involved anyway. Expect Orton to still be involved and appear with Evolution, but his actual in-ring antics might be headed for a ladder this time around.

The questions – Will Seth Rollins officially be in Evolution, or is he just breaking away from The Shield? Will he have his own music or come out to the Evolution theme? (if Motorhead isn’t busy – a new Seth Rollins theme would be amazing) Do Reigns and Ambrose stay together as a team or go solo? Do these guys still wear the same ring gear? Have we heard the last “Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta?” These are all somewhat irrelevant questions in the grand scheme of things, but wrestling fanatics everywhere are definitely asking them.

You have to love the heel turn.

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