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Shane ‘Shaolin’ Campbell special delivers a nasty liver kick at MFC 40



Jerrid Burke showed that he had a lot of heart and toughness by taking on striking specialist Shane Campbell on just two weeks notice. Pat Miletich called Campbell one of the best pure strikers in MMA today before the fight and he proved him right.

It was a competitive first round with Burke getting an early takedown. He spent the next three minutes on top of Campbell who reversed it with a little less than a minute in the round.

Campbell did some damage from the top but was reversed by Burke with just over 10 seconds left in the round.

In between rounds, Miletich scored it 10-9 for Campbell. He pointed out that Burke controlled position for longer in the round it was Campbell who did more damage in it.

In the second round Campbell removed all need for the judge’s scorecards.

Campbell rocked Burke with a right hand in the opening seconds of the round. When Burke went down, Campbell almost caught him with a kick to the head that just grazed the hair. The referee ruled that it did not land and Burke was fine.

Moments later Campbell got him on the ropes in a clinch and landed a knee to the liver. He then attempted a takedown and they did go to the ground but just for a moment and neither fighter had control.

In the scramble Campbell just missed a knee to the head that would have ended the fight.

The fight ending strike came just a few beats later as Burke moved away he was avoiding the danger of the clinch but he put himself in kicking range. Campbell took advantage of the opening and delivered a deceptive looking kick to the liver that dropped Burke.

Campbell pounced and started dropping punches from the top. The referee was already moving to end the fight.

The kick from the original camera angle did not look like much.  It was just a quick little kick from his rear leg as he was stepping forward.

Burke tried to continue but just collapsed down to the ground.

As he walked over to his corner Campbell pointed to his foot.

When they showed the replay you saw why as it was the weapon of destruction. From the original angle you could see that it landed to the liver, especially by Burke’s reaction. What we could not see was just how accurate it was.

From the other side we saw it landed right to the liver and he foot was flexed. As the replay played Miletich called it the “dohhh ball of foot roundhouse kick,” as he was seeing just how deep the foot went in for the first time.

You could hear the shared agony of someone who has taken one of those kicks in Miletich’s voice. He called it “horrifyingly painful.”  For Burke it looked excruciating.

From Campbell’s perspective it was a beautifully timed technique. That gave him another exciting win.

GIF via ZombieProphet

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