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Bray Wyatt celebrates his upcoming TLC match with Dean Ambrose




“I mold the demons and they march on my command.”

When Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt met at Survivor Series earlier this month at Survivor Series, it was just the beginning of a singles clash that could very well span the better part of the next decade. By the end of the match, Ambrose would be disqualified when he decided to introduce tables, ladders, and chairs into the feud. Wyatt evened the score on RAW this past Monday night when he assaulted Ambrose following his match with former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper.

This past Friday night on Smackdown, Wyatt cut another delicious promo that further enticed our appetite for his upcoming TLC match against Ambrose on December 14th in Cleveland, Ohio. Check out the video and our full transcription below.

“People like you and I, we belong somewhere different. And as I laid there, suffering, alone with only my own thoughts. I started to feel those steel chairs crashing down on me. And the pain man, the pain, the pain, the pain – it started to feel euphoric. And it was right there, at that moment, for the first time, I felt like I failed you… but I only failed myself. See Dean, if you want to spend all of your pathetic existence wallowing in a pit of your own misery then be my guest. Your demons mold you, but understand Dean, I mold the demons and they march on my command. I’m sure you think that you got me all figured out man. The devil works in mysterious ways, Dean. What is mine is mine and it will always be. *Laughs. So congratulations Dean, this is a celebration, and we have finally reached the point of no return. And what happens next will change you. Tables, Ladders, and chairs. Tables, ladders, and chairs. Tables, ladders, and chairs. Oh my. *Laughs. At TLC, Dean Ambrose, as I smash you through tables, and I dissect your body with steel chairs, I’m going to teach you boy. I’m going to climb up that ladder, look down at your lifeless body and I will finally be able to smile. And I will smile because I finally put you back where you belong – in the dirt with the rest of the insects. Follow….the buzzards.