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SmackDown showcases Women’s NXT Champion Sasha Banks (VIDEO)



It’s no secret that SmackDown will be moving to USA in 2016. This has caused WWE viewers to label the current SyFy offering of the show as a “lame duck” program – leaving pro wrestling fans to seek different options on Thursday nights.

I refuse to get angry at any of you for skipping a show that really has done nothing more than give us a “RAW Rewind” over the past couple of years. That said, the following Sasha Banks showcase, which will likely be shown again on RAW next Monday, gave fans a look at the future of women’s wrestling – whether they’re ready for it or not. She’s beautiful and she’s dangerous – she’s the NXT women’s champion Sasha Banks, the “Boss” of the WWE. Prepare to buckle in and watch her usher in a new era of women’s professional wrestling. You’re welcome.