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Spoiler: Major star to make WWE debut at Survivor Series



WWE’s big ticket event for the month of November is just one sleep away and they aren’t taking it lightly. Vince and company have been kind enough to offer fans a free month of the WWE Network and if you’ve yet to sign up – the following news should do the trick. Please beware – a major spoiler awaits.

The main event will be a traditional Survivor Series match between Team Authority and Team Cena with heavy stipulations set for both squads. Should Team Authority lose, they will be out of power. If Team Cena comes up short, well, it’s time to find a new job. Add to that one of the most familiar faces in pro wrestling history making his company debut and all of a sudden you have a true must see event. Consider yourselves lucky St. Louis.

There’s one man left that has accomplished more than any other outside of the WWE. He was signed by the company earlier this year; he has appeared at signings and even in a very expensive vignette. He’s done multiple interviews and has been advertised heavily for their new video game. He’s yet to enter their ring, but that all changes on 11.23.14, nearly 30 years after making his professional debut.


It goes without saying that generations of wrestling fans will be keeping one eye on the rafters and using the other to watch out for the baseball bat tomorrow night. “The Icon” is here and he’s saved his arrival for a time when WWE is in dire need of a true superstar.

source – PWI

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