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Stardust talks Stephen Amell ahead of SummerSlam 2015



Lan Pitts over at talked to WWE’s Stardust earlier today about his feud with Stephen Amell and much more. Here’s a highly entertaining exchange:

Now, I want to talk to you about your recent involvement with Arrow’s Stephen Amell.

SD: Hmm mmmm….

You’ve concentrated so much of your energy lately on taunting him over the past few months…why him? What makes him so special?

SD: What makes him so special to all of us? Take a look at…what did you call him? What is his name?

It’s Stephen Amell, he’s an actor.

SD: Ah, “Stephen Amell”! That’s what he’ll have you believe. Take a look at “Mr. Amell’s” Facebook. Look at the amounts of fandom, the Olicity madness, that goes on his Facebook…his Twitter just now hitting a million followers. This kid, this boy, is on the rise! People love him, and in the process of my WWE exclusive search for a hero, I thought…why, why not look outside? Because as you’ve heard, as I told Michael Cole recently in our hard-hitting sit-down exclusive interview, this boy is not named Stephen Amell. That’s a mask! That’s a…a “front”, as the kids are saying. His name is Oliver Queen. Son of Moira Queen, second-generation Queen man running Starling City, the Emerald Archer, the Green Arrow.

Do you really believe that?

SD: If I didn’t believe it, we wouldn’t be talking right now! I have seen him. Hell, I’ve felt him when he punched me right in the face this past Monday after he jumped me from behind in a very giggle-esque maneuver. I know who, as you like to call him, Canadian hunk actor, Stephen Amell really is, and at SummerSlam, that’s who I want.

On Twitter, you mentioned you were going to “eat his heart” at Summerslam. What did you mean by that?

SD: Well, I don’t know the demographic for the site is, so I will keep it PG, but when a man says “I’m going to eat your heart”, it can either mean some metaphorical, whimsical comparative to some sort of beat down that will take place, or correlate something of that ilk.

Or, it can simply mean…I’m going to eat his damn heart!

What advantages do you think you have over Amell, I mean Oliver Queen, and Neville?

SD: Well, what is the name of your site? I know the name of it, but I want you to tell me.

It’s, Stardust.

SD: So you already know all the things that AH-LIV-AH can do. He can shoot arrows, he can do the salmon ladder, and as you saw this past Monday, he can jump. Whoopity-doo. I am the PRINCE of Dark Matter! Nobody even knows my age! I’m STAAAAAAAAAAAAAHRDUST! There’s no comparison!

For the full interview follow this link – EXCLUSIVE: WWE Superstar Stardust Calls Out Stephen Amell & Preps For WWE Summerslam – and don’t forget to tune into the WWE Network to witness greatness when Stardust and King Barrett take on Stephen Amell and Neville on August 23rd at WWE SummerSlam. 

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