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The stars of Boxing, MMA & Pro Wrestling pay tribute to Muhammad Ali on social media



Last night, the world lost the greatest sportsman we’ve ever seen. Muhammad Ali passed away last night in Scottsdale, Arizona with his family by his side. He was 74.

Ali was taken to the hospital on Friday for respiratory complications and would be placed on life support the following day as his family and closest friends came to say their goodbyes.

The word greatest is thrown around quite a bit these days in the world of sport. When it comes to Ali, we’re talking about the total package here. The man did things, inside and outside of the ring, that we’ll never see again in our lifetime. Controversial…sure. Maybe you didn’t agree with everything he did or said during his lifetime. But you cannot deny the impact he made. And the powerful weapons known as time and hindsight hopefully helped you understand his actions a little more.

Olympic Gold Medalist. Heavyweight Champion. Father. Humanitarian. These are just a some of the things he’ll remembered for. Even after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and living with it for over 30 years, the man continued to accomplish things we could only dream of.

The effect Ali had and will continue to have on the world of boxing, entertainment and even MMA and professional wrestling will live on forever. He was the consummate showman – athletes and entertainers pay homage to Ali all the time without even knowing it. But just remember, when it comes to calling someone “The Greatest,” there can only be one.

Here’s a look at what some of the folks from the aforementioned worlds had to say in tribute to the greatest sportsman of our time.

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