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SummerSlam 2013 Pick Em



Welcome to our inaugural Fight Booth WWE pick ’em segment. It’s an exciting time to cover the leading Sports and Entertainment promotion in the world and I can assure you that it’s a gross understatement when I say we are tickled to be a part of it in our own little world here at Fight Booth. So without further ado we will jump right into the pick em segment for this years stacked SummerSlam card that goes in the City of Angels later on tonight.


• WWE United States Championship: Dean Ambrose (C) vs. Rob Van Dam

Dan Rose: I dig The Shield, and I like Ambrose, but he hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire as champion. RVD is getting a push, and I see that push culminating with a championship here at Summerslam. He’ll likely have to fight off The Shield at some point, but he will get the W and the United States Title in the process. You know why?  He’s the whole f’n show.  Still.

Hank Booth: This is a helluva way to kick off the festivities before we go live on pay-per-view. RVD has been a more than welcome addition back to the active WWE roster; the man still has it – he has not missed a beat. This is merely nothing more than a match for the fans though to start things off with a bang. RVD will get his licks in but in the end it’ll be Dean Ambrose, likely with some help from his buddies, retaining his belt as the ‘Hounds of Justice’ continue to bark their way around their yard – for now.

Sean Sheehan: Believe in The Shield. They are bound to being a quick fall at some stage but I hope its not for a long time. Ambrose takes the win.

Alex Reno: This is a good pre-show match to get things started.  I don’t see this being a match that switches titles to get people to buy the PPV.  If Ambrose loses his title then I’m betting it’s going to be when Rollins and Reigns lose theirs at the same time and ultimately split The Shield up for good.  I doubt we’ll see RVD sticking around for too long either although he’s put on some great shows since Money in the Bank.  Ambrose via Headlock Driver


• Natalya (with The Funkadactyls) vs. Brie Bella (with Nikki and Eva Marie)

Dan Rose: Don’t really care at all.  Actually, that’s being nice.  Don’t watch the Divas show, don’t really dig the whole Diva vibe and see them as an obvious distraction/beer break during the PPV.  Don’t know who will win, flip a coin, winner Brie.

Hank Booth: This is a match I probably wouldn’t have cared much about before Total Divas. I gotta admit folks – this show has sucked me in. It could do for Women’s wrestling what Ronda Rousey has done for female mixed martial arts. All these girls needed was a good story and a platform to show it on. Give me the Funkadactyls over Tons of Funk any day of the week. Cameron and Naomi have been phenomenal, The Bella Twins have that “It” factor and how can you not root for Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s little girl. Eva Marie needs a lot of work with her mic skills but she has the looks and tenacity to keep her in the business. This will likely be a fun, albeit short match with Brie getting her hand raised via some trademark Bella Twin tomfoolery aka Twin Magic.

Sean Sheehan: I can’t pick against the Bella twins. Switcheroo as always wins the match.

Alex Reno: I have to admit that my newest guilty pleasure is watching Total Divas.  Watching all of the drama backstage is pretty entertaining and it sucks to realize that John Cena is a really cool guy outside of WWE.  I’m expecting to see some twin magic and some dirty wrestling by the Bella Twins.  They’ll pull out the victory and continue to be the stars of Total Divas while giving Eva Marie some push. The Bella Twins and Eva Marie via pinfall


• Mixed Tag Team match: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston and A.J. Lee

Dan Rose: Why are they wasting Ziggler in the second biggest PPV of the year?  WAKE UP WWE.  Ziggler is a star, just let him shine and you’ll find out.  This is a filler match at best, and will likely result in some kind of swerve.  Not sure I care.  Going with Ziggler though.

Hank Booth: This is a cute little match that should continue to showcase A.J.’s craziness. I don’t see how this one doesn’t end in some sort of DQ in favor of Ziggler and Kaitlyn. Like I said, cute little match – hopefully this puts an end to this storyline for Ziggler. He deserves better, right?

Sean Sheehan: It’s a damn shame that someone with the talent of Dolph Ziggler isn’t competing in main event matches all the time. Babyface Ziggler and the void of character Kaitlyn to take the victory here with Dolph pinning his ex-henchman.

Alex Reno: Ziggler is going to put on a hell of a match.  But Kaitlyn cannot handle AJ Lee’s antics of getting inside her head.  Ziggler will do all he can do to win the match but will end up getting the “Big Ending” from Big E, and then we’ll see AJ cackling and breathing over Ziggler’s motionless body again. AJ Lee and Big E. via pinfall.



• Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Dan Rose: Love this match, and it could very well be VERY entertaining.  Two guys who are better than their lot in the WWE.  This should be for the MITB briefcase, and I’d love to see the winner cash in against the Christian/Del Rio winner, but this likely isn’t going to happen.  I like Cody Rhodes to win this, but not clean.  He will walk away with the briefcase, and maybe we’ll see a family reunion in the process.

Hank Booth: How fun has this rivalry been over the past month? The Rhodes Scholars were my favorite tag team of the past year; how the WWE didn’t allow them to trade the belts back and forth with Team Hell No is beyond me. That said, Rhodes and Sandow make better enemies than they do friends. Hopefully they’ll be fighting again for a title next month at NOC in Detroit. For tonight though, I’ll take Cody via ‘Cross Rhodes’.

Sean Sheehan: This is a great match-up. Loved them as a tag team and love them even more now. Cody wins with after a great match.

Alex Reno: The Rhodes/Sandow storyline was my favorite leading up to Summer Slam.  No matter whether they’re best friends or sworn enemies, these two should always be going back and forth on the mic with one another.  The skit(s) with Rhodes taking the MITB briefcase and chucking it into the Gulf of Mexico was the most entertaining thing ever.  The new MITB briefcase looks pretty ugly but I guess it makes more sense than the old one that was somehow dented after being thrown in water.  I’d love to see Sandow go for the title, but my gut tells me it’s Rhodes’ time to shine and it would make more sense to see a Face vs. Heel involving Rhodes vs. Del Rio than it would Sandow vs. Christian. Cody Rhodes via Cross Rhodes.


• Ring of Fire Match: Kane vs. Bray Wyatt:

Rose: Bray Wyatt should get the win here, to continue to establish him as a legit threat in the WWE.  It doesn’t hurt that Bray Wyatt was my nephew’s football coach’s college roommate at Troy State.  He’s a legitimate star and possesses some amazing moves as a heavyweight.  Kane will battle bravely but fall to the Wyatt family … could even … big stretch here, see an Undertaker save?  I like Bray and the Wyatt family, so I’m looking forward to this.

Booth: This will be Bray’s first full length WWE match and with the Fandoesque push the Wyatt family had leading into their RAW debut it’d be rather silly if he lost in his first pay-per-view bout, wouldn’t it? The Eater of Worlds via Sister Abigail.

Sheehan: This feud seems to have brought the Kane everyone enjoys watching back after a series of ultra-PG roles. The Wyatt‘s won’t lose yet. Bray wins with the help of his brothers/cousins/friends.

Reno: The Wyatt family promo’s have to be the creepiest things on television. I’m pretty excited to see Bray Wyatt in an actual match, and it’s pretty obvious that they’re going to give him the win and a big push. Kind of sucks that Kane is becoming quite the jobber and just nowhere near as evil and creepy as he was when I was growing up. Bray Wyatt via cool finisher move thingy.


• World Heavweight Championship: Albert Del Rio (C) vs. Christian

Rose: I am going to be brutally honest here, I couldn’t care less about this match.  Alberto Del Rio is the most boring champion in the WWE, and Christian, fair or unfair will never be more than a poor man’s Edge.  Summerslam will likely see one or two title changes, and I can see this being one of them.  Del Rio has won before in this position where he had little going, and was matched against a non-factor.  I see Del Rio winning the match and perhaps a MITB cash tease, but I think Cody Rhodes will defeat Sandow and take the briefcase, making the likely cash here too much too soon.

Booth: I really have a tough time caring about this one. Del Rio is fun as a heel but without Ricardo and against Christian there is absolutely no heat here whatsoever. I’ll take Christian. Him getting this shot wouldn’t make any sense unless he was going to win the title for one last time. Good for him. He won’t keep it very long.

Sheehan: Christian as a champion again? Hahaha could you imagine? Oh you’re serious. Am, no. Del Rio wins via cross armbreaker.

Reno: Is anyone actually interested in this match?  Del Rio makes a great heel but he’s no good without Ricardo as his ring announcer.  I’m still shocked that Christian won the triple threat match to even be on Summer Slam right now.  He really doesn’t do anything for me and it would really suck for the WWE to have him holding the World Heavyweight Championship for any stretch of time at this point. ADR via Cross Armbreaker.


• CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman)

Rose: This is going to be AMAZING.  CM Punk elevates everyone with his abilities and Lesnar elevates a match giving it instant big fight atmosphere.  Paul Heyman isn’t likely to sit on the sidelines and let this go down without a plan.  The Best meets The Beast, and the results will likely be surprising.  I think Brock Lesnar will get the victory here, but not without some outside interference from Curtis Axel and ROB VAN DAM!  Don’t forget the original Paul Heyman guy.  I think this will be physical, and in the end, Brock gets the dubious victory.

Booth: Wow. This one is a treat. I thought we’d have to wait until WM 30 for this one to take place but here we are in August with The Best taking on the Beast. I think Brock takes this one with some help from his fellow Paul Heyman guy (it’s too convenient that Axel isn’t on this card – he will show up). This one is a shoo-in for match of the night – maybe even match of the year. Referees will get knocked out, Paul Heyman may finally get his GTS, and of course Punk and Lesnar will shine. Lesnar will take it though, and it won’t be clean. Expect the rivalry to be rekindled next year with Punk getting his revenge in New Orleans.

Sheehan: Best v Beast. I love everything Heyman and Punk do. This match has win written all over it. Expect Curtis Axel to turn up at some stage and maybe a few turns. Brock seems to be OK with giving up losses since taking a few in the UFC. Punk wins with the help of Heyman.

Reno: This is going to be a great match.  If anyone can sell this fight and act like they have a chance even though they’re half the size as Lesnar it’s CM Punk.  I have a feeling Heyman is going to do something dirty while the referee isn’t looking and be the deciding factor in this match.  Brock will then go on absence and we’ll see a big Wrestlemania rematch. Brock Lesnar via pinfall.


• WWE Championship: John Cena (C) vs. Daniel Bryan (with HHH as special guest referee)

Rose: Let’s be honest here, Daniel Bryan is getting a huge push here.  That being said, there are VERY few who get the nod over Cena at Wrestlemania or Summerslam.  While Daniel Bryan would make an outstanding champion, and a champion vs. champion series with him and CM Punk WILL ABSOLUTELY happen, it’s not happening this summer.  Too much going on.  Daniel Bryan will win the title here I think.  However, he will immediately lose it as Orton cashes his MITB and defeats Bryan, making his highly anticipated heel turn. This segment will be awesome!

Booth: Finally, a John Cena match that I actually care about. Not that Cryback and The Rock are out of the way we have an entertaining challenger here in Daniel Bryan who deserves all of the accolades he’s been getting lately and then some.

There are a lot of moving parts here guys. You have the power struggle between Vince and HHH and Randy Orton lurking with his MITB case. Anything is possible. The only thing I can predict is that Daniel Bryan gets the belt from John Cena tonight. How he does it, and if he even leaves the Staples Center with it – that remains to be seen.

Sheehan:  Is Daniel Bryan the best wrestler in the WWE? YES!

Should Daniel Bryan be WWE champion? YES!

Will Daniel Bryan dethrone John Cena? NO!

Reno: No one wants to see Cena as champ anymore. Triple H was the special guest referee during the Cena vs. Punk match and Punk won via pinfall although Cena’s foot was on the rope. So I see Triple H screwing over Cena again. Cena sucks. Bryan via Yes! Lock

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