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‘Super Samoan’ Mark Hunt knows he can KO Miocic




Walkout KO specialist and King of Violence 2013 champion Mark Hunt will be taking is talents to Adelaide this weekend where he looks to get back into championship contention against the greatest heavyweight out of Ohio – Strong Style’s Stipe Miocic.

There’s a reason why Micoic is a solid -240 favorite heading into the third straight main event assignment of his UFC career. Arguably, one could say he comes equipped with the most complete arsenal inside of the heavyweight division – behind Cain Velasquez. When it comes to predicting a Mark Hunt fight though, the window gets slammed shut after logic goes flying right out of it. His ability to hit the walkoff KO is just one of the reasons why every Mark Hunt fight is of the can’t miss variety.

UFC Fight Night Adelaide ‘Hunt vs. Miocic’ kicks off tomorrow night at 7:45 p.m. ET on UFC Fight Pass