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Survivor Series main event recap – Sting ends ‘The Authority’, Ziggler last man standing



Here’s a quick recap of the Survivor Series main event from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis tonight.

• Mark Henry gets eliminated right off the hop off a Big Show KO punch.

• Seth Rollins curbstomps Ryback and then Rusev takes advantage. Rusev eliminates Ryback and we are down to 5-3.

• Rusev gets counted out after missing a splash on Ziggler on the Spanish announce table. He’s still never been pinned or submitted.

• Erick Rowan gets eliminated by Harper after Rollins hits Rowan with a beautiful flying knee. Spinning clothesline from Harper for the finish and now it is Team Cena with just two men left. Team Authority has 4.

• Big Show turns on his team and KO’s John Cena. Rollins pins Cena and it’s down to Ziggler versus the world. Show pulls the straps down and exits stage left after shaking HHH’s hand.

• Ziggler pins Kane off a zig zag.

• Ziggler pins Harper with a schoolboy roll up.

• Some great back and forth between Rollins and Ziggler and then chaos ensues. HHH refuses to watch Ziggler put him and his wife out of power and tries to get Rollins the win at all costs. Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble get involved but Ziggler is able to take them out. HHH takes out two referees when Ziggler nearly has it won. HHH finally just pedigrees Ziggler and puts Rollins on top of him. A third referee, the crooked Scott Armstrong, comes out and then the place goes dark. It’s Sting.

He comes down to take out Armstrong and then gets into a long staring contest with HHH. They circle one another. Finally HHH goes on the offensive but misses with a wild right hand. Sting lands a kick to the mid section and follows with his scorpion death drop. He takes Rollins off of Ziggler and puts Ziggler back on top. Sting walks away and the previous referee comes in and counts to three. Stephanie McMahon flips and HHH attempts to console while the crowd throws in some great chants to end the show.

• All in all this main event really got us excited for tomorrow nights RAW and the future of WWE in general. It really does feel like Rumble and Mania season are upon us. The Sting moment was one for the ages and it sets him up nicely for a match with HHH at Mania. Ziggler hasn’t been this over since his MITB cash in and even though Orton and Reigns didn’t show up as expected – the main focus here had to be Sting’s debut and The Authority losing power.

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