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The best of WWE (mid-week edition)



The fallout from SummerSlam and RAW, a little bit of Triple H and Michael Cole, and a lot of Dean Ambrose – for the last time this year? Here is the best of the WWE from the past handful of days.

“..My guess is, we will probably never see, or hear from Dean Ambrose again. He’s not that crazy. He might just be a genius. And that genius, might be the thing that saved his life.” – Triple H

Highlights from Ambrose’s and Rollins’ Falls Count Anywhere Match on RAW. The best televised match we’ve seen so far this year.

Ambrose stretchered out of the arena after suffering “head and spinal trauma” from having his head put through some cinderblocks via Seth Rollins’ patented curb stomper finisher.*

Nikki Bella confronts her twin sister Brie and explains why she betrayed her.

History is made.

Natalya takes on the new Divas Champion. AJ freaks out Paige.

“What? It’s for charity.”

Fist bumps and hearty chuckles for Ziggler and Flair at the expense of The Miz.


And we leave you with this from the Ambrose-Rollins saga. This simple little .gif shows us why pro wrestling is in good hands for the foreseeable future.

* Ambrose has been written out of all wrestling obligations for at least the next couple of months due to his obligations to Lions Gate and WWE Studios for his upcoming feature film debut.


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