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The Fight Wolff Guide to UFC Fight Night 80: The Prettiest Fight Card This Week




This is not just Fight Week. It is FIGHT WEEK!!! This is the most anticipated week in UFC’s history with three cards. Each one with a potentially great fight in their respective main events.

With so many fights facing a fight fan, it is easy to get lost but do not fear we have you covered with all the information you need.

This Rose has Thorns

I keep seeing people referring to this card as the Paige and Sage card as if they are forgetting that Rose Namajunas is in the main event. I understand that Paige and Sage are PYT’s that speak really well, are bubbly and seemed like they were created in the UFC’s marketing lab.

While Namajunas is also talented and easy on the eyes but she also has a darkness and seriousness about her. She shaved her head because it was in her way. She gave no thoughts to what others would think, and just did it without announcing her intentions beforehand. That is one of the differences between her and Paige.

One of the similarities is that they are both true fighters and not just talented pretty people. All too often you see athletes who are not fighters, as soon as they get hit really hard they start to look for a way out. Both Namajunas and VanZant are the opposite, when they get hit hard they look to hit their opponent back harder. That is why they fight is potentially special beyond being talented athletes they are also deep down gritty fighters at heart.


The Midnight Run co-main event

The little movie Midnight Run is one of my favorite under the radar Robert DeNiro movies. It is an under-appreciated comedy that centers around the brilliant performances from DeNiro and Charles Grodin.

The co-main event is setting up like that movie. Jim Miller and Michael Chiesa and two talented fighters who bring action everywhere in the octagon and yet no one is talking about this fight. It is understandable as this is an independent type fight on a weekend that is filled with blockbusters. But, do not be surprised if at the end of the weekend this is one of the fights that the hardcore fans are talking about the most.

Lethal Weapon or Collison Course

Speaking of movies, based on the Embedded series for this card the Sage Northcutt and Cody Pfister fight is setting up like a buddy-cop movie.

You have Northcutt and his picture-perfect family in their beautiful house with their beautiful hair. Then there is Pfister with his messy hair (a lot of this card centers around hair there is also Elias Theodorou to address) and messier life.

When they meet in the octagon we will either get a classic like the original Lethal Weapon or something more along the lines of Collison Course.

Sage has exploded quickly on the UFC scene with his looks and talent, but this is only his second fight in the UFC. This fight will give us a little better idea of who he is as a fighter.

The Prettiest of them All

With all the attention on Sage and Paige, it is easy to overlook the prettiest fighter on this card in Elias Theodorou. That is rare for the fighter who looks like a Prince but fights like more like the Dred Pirate Roberts.

@ufc Repost: It takes an army to maintain this flow game.📣💨💁 @pert_plus

A video posted by Elias “The Spartan” Theodorou (@eliastheodorou) on

Theodorou enters this fight 11-0 with the look of a future champion. This is a good test for him as Thiago Santos is a tough and dangerous opponent.

Again, on this weekend this is the type of fight that is being overlooked but I expect fireworks with an exciting finish. Santos is powerful and likes to knock guys out. While Theodorou sets a high pace and looks for the finish wherever the fights goes. Expect non-stop action and I like Theodorou to stay undefeated.

The Show-Stealer

The Aljamain Sterling and Johnny Eduardo fight could end up being the FOTN. These two do not seem to like each other too much based on their respective UFC pages. I look for some more from them during the weigh-ins.

I also expect them to put on one of the best fights of the night. They both are coming off of finishes and will be looking to keep that momentum going.

The other added bonus of Sterling fighting is that we get to see and hear Ray Longo and Matt Serra in his corner. Some of the best and most entertaining moments in the UFC have come from these two. They could easily be their own reality show.

A Great Card to Kickoff the Weekend 

This is a great little card. Potentially every fight should be an entertaining one and it is easy to see that the UFC is looking to sell more Fight Pass subscriptions. They have put some of their talented prettiest young fighters at the top of the card. But, they have also filled it out with some great fights throughout the card. There is a little bit of something for both the casual and the hardcore fight fans.

This is potentially the greatest weekend in the UFC’s history and look for this card to get the party started the right way. At the very least you will see some of the best hair in MMA today.

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