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The Fourth Wyatt: A Tip Sheet




At Extreme Rules, John Cena was a step away from escaping the steel cage and notching a second victory over Bray Wyatt. As Cena made the classic babyface reach for the door, the lights went black to the Wyatt’s signature sound. A deep voice was heard, singing “The Whole World” with a muffled effect. If your brain works like mine, you wondered which WWE superstar was about to become the fourth member of The Wyatt Family. I wanted Michael Cole to scream “what is (enter name) doing here?” I went through the WWE roster in my head faster than I ever have before. From Ambrose to Zeb Colter in a matter of seconds, I tried to figure out who would be on the other side of this door when the lights came on. I was disappointed.

While the angle itself was good, I was not hoping for a small child named Little Johnny to be the surprise ending to the match. By the way, “Little Johnny” is also that kid from the NFL commercial aspiring to overtake Cam Newton’s starting gig. At any rate, there wasn’t an (adult) addition to The Wyatt Family at Extreme Rules, and for all I know, the story with Little Johnny will work great. That does not take away that moment of fascination and speculation I went through as those arena lights were off. This chain of events, or lack thereof, got me thinking. If the Wyatts were to add a fourth member, who would that be? In the spirit of the recent Kentucky Derby, I’ve come up with something that vaguely resembles a tip sheet; quick facts you need to know about your horse – or WWE superstar that guides you in your betting. If “who is the fourth Wyatt” ever gets on a betting slip, you’ll be ready.

Candidate: Damien Sandow
Pros: Beard. Mean streak. Willingness to be daring with wardrobe. Hatred for John Cena.
Cons: Talks too much. Would think he’s better than Bray Wyatt. Probably considers himself to be hygienically superior to the Wyatt Family.
Odds: 50 to 1

Candidate: Justin Gabriel
Pros: Facial hair. Doesn’t talk much. High-flying style would bring something new to group. Needs something to do.
Cons: We wouldn’t care
Odds: 40 to 1

Candidate: Brodus Clay
Pros: Mean. Scary looking. Not a talker. Can be scary when motivated. Comfortable in weird attire.
Cons: Power style similar to existing members. Wouldn’t add anything new to group.
Odds: 25 to 1

Candidate: Kofi Kingston
Pros: Expressed desire to turn heel. Long hair. Not a talker. Completely unexpected. If Bray can brainwash a loveable guy like Kofi…
Cons: Always smiling. Very nice and respectful. Upbeat theme music.
Odds: 20 to 1

Candidate: Anyone from the NXT roster
Pros: Flexibility to create character with new superstar. Kind of cool to see all Wyatts come from NXT.
Cons: Could be the same thing for a fourth time. Does anyone in NXT have the chops to add something to the team?
Odds: 10 to 1

Candidate: Mark Henry
Pros: Beard. Mean. Great heel. Needs an angle. Would be a great enforcer for a stable. World’s Strongest Wyatt and World’s Strongest Buzzard would both be great t-shirts.
Cons: Would not look right in a Hawaiian shirt and/or fedora.
Odds: 5 to 1

Candidate: The team remains at three, until Luke Harper’s inevitable face turn.
Pros: Luke Harper is awesome. Harper vs. Wyatt would be legendary.
Cons: More screen time for Erick Rowan.
Odds: Even.

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Photo credit: WWE

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