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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: UFC 240 Edition



UFC 240 is in the books, and it was quite the evening indeed. We witnessed Max Holloway continue his march towards greatness, Cris Cyborg might well have closed her UFC career with a victory and the Flyweights went bananas. Settle in for my recap, via the Good, Bad and Ugly report. 

The Good

Max Holloway – Max wasn’t just composed and in control Saturday night, he was efficient, effective and dominant against a very game and always on the edge of greatness Frankie Edgar. It’s hard to not be impressed with the hard-nosed Edgar, and this was no different. The guy just keeps going forward and bringing the fight. However, Max was more than ready for the pace and landed a seemingly endless barrage of jabs and right hands. What was most impressive might have been his takedown defense. He stuffed 14 of Edgar’s 15 attempts, forcing the shorter, out-gunned Edgar to engage in a standup clash. It was a tremendous performance from Max and proof positive that he’s earning GOAT status with every fight. 

The Flyweights – Deiveson Figueiredo and Alexandre Pantoja might have been on the preliminary card, but their fight was nothing short of Main Event. The two waged an absolute war in the Octagon and when it was all said and done, it was more obvious proof that the Flyweight division is amazing. All the talk of disbanding it and shutting it down should be met with mocking at this point. They may have dealt Demetrious Johnson to ONE, but that division still brings the fireworks. Big up to them both for their fight of the night performance. 

Cris Cyborg – Say what you want about Cyborg, she smashed Felecia Spencer last night. She showed up in shape and went hard for three rounds, despite Joe Rogan pronouncing her dead tired minutes into the bout. More on that later.  Cyborg was fighting the last of her contracted bouts with the UFC and she holds the cards now as to where she lands next. The Amanda Nunes fight might bring her back into the UFC, but I’m certain Bellator will make a strong push to sign her as well. Her past relationships with Coker and Dana White could tip the scales away from the UFC. Dana has referred to her as Wanderlai Silva in a dress and scoffed at Rogan’s penis jokes in the past. 

The Bad

Alexis Davis – Things are not going so swimmingly for Alexis who dropped her third straight fight last night. This time she was bested by Viviane Araujo who beat and bloodied her on her way to a unanimous decision victory. The fight itself wasn’t a bad look for Davis, but the third consecutive loss could have her on the outside looking in in terms of a UFC career. 

Yoshinori Horie – Man oh man, not a great UFC debut. He did what he could to avoid damage and did so until the third round. Once Hakeem Dawodu got him tied up he lit him up with elbows, knees and eventually a fight-ending high-kick.  Anytime you’re making your UFC debut you want to do well, but he got starched. He was out-struck better than 2 to 1 as well. All in all, a rough debut for Horie. 

The Ugly 

Joe Rogan – This was epic level bad Joe Rogan. I like Joe, his comedy is great, his podcast is informative and fun but dammit, he’s fallen off in a major way calling the action. I’ve always taken issue with him yelling “Ohhhhhh” whenever someone gets clipped. I’ve always taken his in-cage diagnosis of every injury with a grain of salt and even turned a blind eye when he calls submissions that never materialize. That said, last night he was in rare form and made the Cyborg/Felicia Spencer fight unbearable.  

Rogan called the fight a five rounder, for almost ten minutes straight, despite it only being scheduled for three. He pronounced Cyborg exhausted minutes in, even though she went hard for 15 minutes. He praised everything Felecia did, including her rare talent of taking a beating and not quitting. He was all over Felicia and really, anti-Cyborg. I questioned aloud via Twitter if Joe was informed by the UFC to bury Cyborg on her way out the door, because honestly, I can’t see any other excuse for his clear bias and lack of professionalism during the fight. 

Joe is a UFC mainstay however he’s simply not up to par at this point. I’d much rather watch his fight companion shows with Edddie Bravo, and Brendan Schaub. He’s free to be himself and is clearly more relaxed in that setting. The UFC has a TON of talented broadcasters, let them take over the job. Rogan doesn’t need it and at this point, the fans deserve better. 

Dan has been writing about the sport of MMA for the last 15+ years. During this time, he's met amazing fighters, and awesome friends sitting cage-side covering MMA. The memories and relationships are payment for his passion. Dan got his start as a featured writer for and now serves as owner and co-host with Evan Shoman and Dion Harrison of The Crimson Canvas Podcast, on the Fight Booth Podcast network. Dan is also a part time contributor to with pro wrestling, and MMA articles. He thanks Dave Reno for the opportunity and for years of friendship and support.

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