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The many faces of Prince Fergal Devitt



On July 28th of 2014, the WWE officially announced the signing of coveted international wrestling star Prince Fergal Devitt. It’s our job to get you familiar with some of Devitt’s handiwork before he makes his NXT debut in the coming months. We will do so below by mixing in some of his most classic entrances, a must see shoot, and maybe even a little move set video. I’d tell you to enjoy but I already know you will.

HahAHaHAhAHaHAhA: 5-18.13 – Progress Wrestling Chapter 13 (Electric Ballroom – Camden, London)

If you have any questions about how Prince Devitt will fare in the WWE just watch this particular entrance. Patience. Check. Holding the crowd in the palm of your hands. Check. Accessories. Check. Proper use of. Check. Camera placement knowledge. Check.

Here is the first leader of the Bullet Club‘s ‘Real Rock N Rolla’ NJPW entrance video.

Devitt shoots on how he got into pro wrestling and NJPW (WrestleDope)

There are tons of videos on YouTube of Prince Devitt’s top moves. There are top 50 videos, top 25 videos… we figured that a top 10 video would be more than enough for the sake of this particular article.

Anti Venom entrance and body paint time lapse for Southside Wrestling:

As Bane: 6.15.14 (York Hall – London)

Break out your mobile devices. Hurry up and take a picture and text a friend. It’s 2014 for Christ’s sake; this is Instagram and YouTube gold!  Prince Devitt just walked out as a very convincing Bane and slammed a couple of security guards on the walkway. We haven’t seen a walkout this good in the WWE since, well, ever.

‘Hannibal’ Entrance:  6.29.14 –  Progress World Cup (Islington, London)

When you’re introduced wearing a straight jacket and a mask that was made specifically to prevent cannibalism – it’s likely that your opponents first move will be to exit the ring.

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