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The New Day Arrives




To say this was the plan all along is probably giving WWE too much credit. New Day Sucks chants were probably never part of the plan; Vince probably wasn’t at the creative table saying “they’ll chant that they suck, damnit!” Sure, maybe they were destined to be heels all along, but we have to give the credit to the WWE Universe for planting the seed on this one. The New Day – all three of them – are now heels with championship gold, and in their first opportunity, they did not disappoint.

Xavier Woods was great on the microphone on Monday, and could be the “heater” that the group needs. “Let’s try New Day Rocks” was brilliant, as was the exaggerated look of confusion when they continued with Sucks. If Big E is clapping off-rhythm on purpose, then we should be loudly applauding (or, wait…clapping). The little things are often overlooked, but The New Day is doing them. It may seem silly, but Kofi Kingston has gone over two matches with doing his Boom! gestures. To be a heel, you have to be a heel, after all. It’s early, but Woods, E and Kofi are taking full advantage of this opportunity.

The New Day are champions, and apparently using the Freebird rule. They’ll distract the referees, hide under the ring, and try new chants on the crowd. The cyclical life of a heel in WWE suggests that we’ll actually be clapping for The New Day soon, which sort of sucks. These three have the ability and talent to be old school heels; you know, that we actually dislike. We shouldn’t have to ironically like all heel characters after any run of success, but it is what it is. Regardless, their effort and performance deserve applause. So, damnit.

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