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The Raw Report – Monday May 11th, 2015




If you watched RAW this week, then you know it was live from the hometown of Dean Ambrose, Cincinnati, OH. The fans were hot all night, and chanted for Ambrose, time and time again. From a comparative to last week, there seemed to be more entertainment this week. HHH coming back, and Daniel Bryan making his IC Title announcement helped the show. Let’s get to it.

The Good

Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan has been in the favor of the WWE Universe for a long time. His in ring skills have never been in doubt, and he’s developed the ability to tell quite a story with the microphone as well. He was in town to comment on his injured neck, and the status the Intercontinental Title. The sad fact is, Daniel Bryan is legitimately injured, and it is unknown at this point, whether or not he’s wrestled his last match. He had the fans in the palm of his hands from the moment he held the mic, and the WWE fans showed their support with a prolonged, “Thank you Daniel” chant after he announced he’d be relinquishing his title. Sad for Daniel Bryan, but as always, the injured wrestler segment did well. Here’s hoping for a speedy and full recovery.

Dean Ambrose: For the second straight week, Dean makes my list. I’ve always believed he is a talented wrestler, but I never believed he could carry the top spot with his mic skills, and personality. I still have those same doubts, but he is being given the chance to shine, and shine is exactly what’s he’s doing. It certainly didn’t hurt that the hometown fans were in his corner all night, and he used that to his advantage. He had a fun match with J&J security and stood tall in the final segment of the night.

Dean continues to impress with the skills he has. I just don’t see him as being ready to make the jump into the World Title, but he’s a solid player, and would have tremendous matches with Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler etc.

Neville: He has been nothing short of exhilarating since making his WWE debut. However, this week he had a good match with John Cena, and was put over in a pretty big way. Despite the end coming when Rusev interfered, Neville had actually bested Cena, and hit his finisher on the Champion. It was pretty clear that the match would have been his, without the interference. Good for him.

Cesaro: Cesaro can flat-out work. He and Kidd are my favorite team in the WWE, and I dig both as individual wrestlers as well. He out muscled the massive Big E, and looked great in doing so. He and Tyson Kidd should be back on their way to Tag Team gold, but the New Day is also picking up steam, and the teams could be set for a lengthy rivalry, which would be fine by me.

The Bad

The Ascension: It gets to the point, where it just doesn’t make sense to include them every week. They are horrendous and not getting any better. Not sure what the answer is, but at some point, you have to cut bait and move on from a failed project. Bench them, repackage and bring them back in six months. You’re never really dead in this industry, but they WILL NOT get over in their current state.

Prime Time Players: Who in the hell is writing their stuff? Also, who in the hell is approving it. They are floundering, in a big way. Their little vignettes are not in the least bit entertaining. The WWE is clearly trying to cultivate a deeper tag division, but they can cut The Ascension and the Prime Time Players and be in better shape. In ring, the PTP could be solid, they just need to be repackaged and presented in a new way.

Rusev: For the second week in a row, Rusev makes the list. I am just bored with his angle with John Cena. Rusev no longer has that aura of invincibility and without Lana, he’s becoming really uninteresting. Not sure what the plans for him are, but a loss to Cena would just about bury him at this point. He is slipping, fast.

Sheamus: Ever since he returned, he’s been completely off my radar. I just can’t seem to invest in him, or care about his agenda. I like Ziggler, and I like King Barrett, but Sheamus, not so much.

The Ugly

Kane: Dammit, please stop forcing this insufferable bore down our throats week after week. He has no business being involved in the major angle of the WWE. He is holding everyone involved back; the segments continue to suffer for his being involved. Put Kane out to pasture, enough is enough. Please..

RAW Awards

RAW MVP: Dean Ambrose

Worst of RAW: Kane / Prime Time Players

More please: Macho Mandow & Neville

Less Please: Kane, Bella’s Losing, Sheamus

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