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The Return of Lucha Underground




I wish I could express how excited I was for this Wednesdays season premiere of Lucha Underground without sounding hokey, or like I’m exaggerating. But it’s not possible.

I was a lifelong wrestling fan, watching tired, predictable programming out of habit more than interest. I would watch whatever show was on, holding out hope that story lines would catch my interest and the in ring talent would back it up.

Up steps Lucha Underground.

Last season I wrote a top 5 reasons why you should be watching Lucha Underground, this year I’ll give you 3 solid reasons to tune in and not miss a single episode.

1. The Story

One of the most important parts of Lucha Underground is its amazing comic bookesque story. Not only are the stories actually interesting, but they have a payoff. Every detail is a buildup. Every question gets n (eventual) answer. It’s beautiful, cohesive, scary and riveting. Stories that start in dingy backstage vignettes continue with in ring so intense, it’s hard to look away from. Which takes me to the obvious …

2. The Wrestling

Let’s be honest, how many times have you seen the same wrestlers, deliver the same moves, against the same competitors in other promotions?

Lucha Underground is fresh every match. The talent is so fresh and hungry it shows in every match. You will see the biggest guys pull off moves reserved for smaller guys in other promotions.
The luchadoras, (not scantily clad “diva’s” in three-minute exhibition matches, real women wrestlers) fight it out with the best of them. That statement is not gender exclusive, the women fight alongside and against the men, and they not only hold their own, but they win.

The high-flyers reach superhero status as they fly through the ropes, over the fans, through El Jefe’s office, and all over the temple, which should absolutely be the (obscure) number three on this list.

3. The Temple

The Temple is an arena unlike any other. By staying in one place it allows the fighters and fans to feel at home in the warehouse like atmosphere. It becomes a weapon. There is nothing out of bounds or off limits. Last season we saw seats, stairs, el jefes office, the band stand, all used to the advantage of these highly talented luchadores. Even the fans are an interactive part of what makes the Temple great, whether clearing out of their seats to make way for the action, or taking up leather straps to keep one competitor from running, their presence makes the action better. Not with mindless chants, but with true reactions and interactions.

Obviously I have 100 other reasons why Lucha Underground will be the wrestling show to watch this Wednesday (and every other Wednesday) but stay tuned and we can see them together all season long.

image via Lucha Underground

Drea Mitchell is a lifelong wrestling fan. She loves violence, good storytelling and her sons. You can find her on Twitter @shewatcheslucha