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Ticket availability info for ‘The Moment’; get in for $350, $3,500 for floor



Tickets are still very much available for this Saturday nights Mayweather vs. Maidana title fight inside of the historic MGM Grand Garden Arena in Fight City, Nevada. The good folks over at secondary ticket marketplace, Vivid Seats, have reported that tickets are as low as $350. You’re not going to find tickets available anywhere under $550 right now on the primary market.

If you’re looking to witness the action from the floor the median ticket price is $3,500; median ticket price for the lower bowl is $2,093


According to Vivid, ticket prices have dropped 35% since ‘The One’ last September even though Mayweather emerged from the event undefeated, and unscathed.

Ticket prices for ‘The Moment’ are 73% higher than they were for¬†Pacquiao’s rematch with Timothy Bradley just last month in the same building. This is likely due to a number of factors; the popularity of the now yearly boxing event known as ‘May-Day’ and the historical importance of every Mayweather fight while he remains undefeated would immediately come to mind .

So, if you’re already in and around Vegas or are planning a weekend trip to Sin City looking to make the impulse buy of a lifetime, tickets are very much available for you to share ‘The Moment’ with TBE and ‘El Chino’.