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Top 10 Best Twitter Reactions to Kurt Angle’s Announcement



Following a phone call with a mystery person on RAW, the wrestling world was set abuzz when Kurt Angle shared he had a big announcement to make the following week. Twitter lit up with possibilities as to who the person on the phone could be, from Stephanie McMahon to former IMPACT boss, Dixie Carter. Instead, Angle’s announcement was not about who he had an affair with, but instead about what one of those could produce: A child. Enter, Jason Jordan. Here are the 10 best Twitter reactions, in no particular order, to the reveal of this patriotic new duo.

Given that RAW was taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, Dixie Carter’s hometown, wrestling fans suspected the former TNA owner could make a shocking WWE debut.

Brian Campbell of CBS Sports got in on the action, with a GIF of Maury and his signature phrase, “You are the father.”

Fans couldn’t help but to think back to a popular “Family Guy” moment when Peter Griffin basks in having a black son.

It seems American Alpha may be headed their separate ways. Where does Chad Gable go from here?

A lot of hype for some storyline clutter, but on the flipside, a pending push awaits an incredible talent in Jason Jordan. Stick it out, folks.

There we go. Some faith. Leave it to Kurt Angle. It’s true, it’s damn true.

Do you remember that Queen Sharmell/Kurt Angle storyline in 2005? Yes, this could come back to haunt us.

When you realize they actually resemble each other…

Who doesn’t enjoy a good plot twist?

And of course, nothing like the art of some kayfabe.

Luis Vasquez is a multimedia journalist based out of Boston. His work and insights have been featured across various wrestling, baseball, and current event outlets and publications. He believes Chris Jericho's "Break the Walls Down" theme song is the greatest entrance music ever created.

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