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Top 10 finishers in pro wrestling today: #7 – Sister Abigail




Wyatt gives Jericho a kiss from Sister Abigail –

A pro wrestling character’s finisher can be made infinitely cooler if you can appreciate the character itself and his/her story. Times that by 100 if there’s a great story behind the finisher itself.

Like Jake Roberts before him, Bray Wyatt brings a certain psychology to his promos and in ring work; he commands our attention. Also like Roberts, sometimes it’s more about the man applying the move than the move itself. The DDT isn’t exactly a move that jumps out of your television screen these days, but when you see it being performed by Jake “The Snake” – that my friends is a whole different ball game. When it comes to Wyatt’s ‘Sister Abigail’ finisher – it’s not just any spinning reverse STO – it’s all about the power and theatrics.

Below, we get to relive one of the most special moments from RAW during the calendar year of 2013. You can audibly hear Wyatt telling Punk that he had been waiting for this for a long time. Unfortunately, we’d never get to see a full on feud between the two.

Wyatt is a rare breed in today’s WWE. Here’s a man who has been able to maintain relevance and keep his creepy vibe while part of the big corporate machine that doesn’t always cater to someone with such obscure creativity. He has taken all of the good things from some of the most successful characters of the past while adding his own sick personal twists. Here’s to a long career filled with spider walks and Sister Abigail’s from WWE’s “New Face of Fear”.

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