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Top 10 finishers in pro wrestling today: #8 – Rusev’s Accolade




When you look at the current state of the submission finisher in the world of WWE, it’s just not that strong. However, there is one man on the roster who continues to sell a variation of one of the greatest pro wrestling finishers of all-time. And we’re buying every single time.

Rusev’s “Accolade” is a homage to the legendary Iron Sheik’s camel clutch finisher (which was first used by Gory Guerrero) with a new twist. The only real difference is that Rusev will soften his opponent up with a stomp to the spine leaving them unable to move before applying the hold.

Watch Lana urge on Rusev as he applies the hold on Sheamus until he falls asleep to secure his the United States Championship below.


Rusev is a dangerous soldier who will continue to do the bidding of Putin until his ravishing manager, Lana, tells him to stop. When he applies the hold he tends to have a look in his eye so cold-hearted that Paula Abdul could write another song about it.

Unlike his current dancing partner John Cena’s STF (which could arguably be the least believable move in pro wrestling today) Rusev’s Accolade is a hold that reminds us of the good old days of pro wrestling. And whether he’ll admit it or not, it’s a move that makes the Sheiky Baby proud.