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Top 10 finishers in pro wrestling today: #9 – Boma Ye!




If you’re a fan of “strong style” wrestling, it’s tough not to applaud worship Shinsuke Nakamura. His reckless style makes every match must see programming. That is if you’re a sick f**k who’s into that sort of thing.

Nakamura’s Boma Ye finisher enters in at the #9 spot on our list of top finishing moves in pro wrestling today. That said, it may just be our favorite.

The way he taunts, delivers and jerks his head back with complete disregard for himself and his opponent worries and excites us.

Nakamura is by far the most consistently exciting wrestler in the game today. He’s the type of performer that could never be accepted by the WWE brass. He’s also the type of performer that the WWE Universe would absolutely fall in love with if given the chance.

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