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Top 10 Most Vulgar Displays of Power 2013



‘Hapa’ slashes his way to #3 on this years list

You could argue that 2013 was the most violent year in the history of mixed martial arts to date. When you put two earthlings in a cage together and tell them you’ll give them money if they hurt each other until one of them either falls asleep or taps the person trying to submit them so they’ll stop, then of course you’re going to get a hearty helping of violence on any given night. There was something that felt different about 2013 though. Maybe it’s just the simple fact that there were more fights in 2013 than any other year in the history of MMA; the continued worldwide takeover by the UFC and the increase of promotions (local and international) has made it so all 52 weeks during the calendar year can bed called ‘Fight Week’ no mater where you are.

Narrowing down the top ten most vulgar displays of power during any given year can cause a storm of controversy. For these particular year-end lists we’re keeping it to the more well known promotions, but we ask you to please leave any glaring omissions or indie MMA ‘vulgar displays’ you deem list-worthy in the comments section below.

Enter the 2013 Most Vulgar Display of Power Countdown below at your own risk:

Big credit to Zombie Prophet for the majority of the GIFS featured -Travis Browne image via Getty

10. Miriam ‘The Queen of Mean’ Nakamoto obliterates Duda Yankovich, masterfully (Invicta FC 6, 7.13.13)
9. John Howard makes UFC 168 Siyar Bahadurzada’s own personal ‘Doomsday’ with this powerslam (UFC 168, 12.28.13)
8. Veronica Rotherhausler KO’s Malungahu – everyone expected it, ‘The Heartbreaker’ delivered it (Invicta FC 4, 1.5.13)
7. Nate Diaz besmirches Gray Maynard in trilogy bout (TUF 18 Finale, 11.30.13)
6. Sara McMann finishes Gaff to close out perfect Octagon debut (UFC 159, 4.27.13)
5. Vitor scored three head-kick KO’s in 2013 – the most visibly pleasing one landed on Luke Rockhold’s chin (UFC on FX 8, 5.18.13)
4. Josh Burkman welcomes Fitch to WSOF by putting him asleep with a tight guillotine (WSOF 3, 6.14.13)
3. Travis Browne hellbows Barnett into unconsciousness, steals his throat-slash celebration to boot (UFC 168, 12.28.13)
2. Chris Weidman showed us that checking kicks can be very offensive – in more ways than one (UFC 168, 12.28.13)
1. Velasquez‘s mauling of Dos Santos in trilogy bout (UFC 166, 10.19.13)

Hindsight tells us that Junior dos Santos’ 64-second KO of Cain Velasquez in November of 2011 was the true definition of a lucky punch. Cain put a beating on Dos Santos in the trilogy fight that was even more vulgar than last years sequel.

Below are the stats from UFC 166, and the cumulative 46 minutes and 51 seconds of pain JDS would suffer after his initial KO of the current champ. As Tracy Morgan would say, “Cain Velasquez is Junior dos Santos’ biological father.”

Total Strikes (UFC 166):

Cain Velasquez: 274 of 378 – 72%
Junior dos Santos: 62 of 140 – 44%

Total (UFC 155 and 166):

Cain Velasquez: 484 of 717 – 68%
Junior dos Santos: 128 of 286 – 45%

Significant Strikes (UFC 166):

Cain Velasquez: 123 of 201 – 61%
Junior dos Santos: 46 of 122 – 38%

Total (UFC 155 and 166):

Cain Velasquez: 234 of 425 – 55%
Junior dos Santos: 103 of 259 – 40%

This is what those numbers looked like on JDS’ face:

Takedowns (UFC 166):

Cain Velasquez: 2 of 13 – 15%
Junior dos Santos:  0 of 1 – 0%

Total (UFC 155 and 166):

Cain Velasquez 13 of 46 – 28 %
Junior dos Santos: 0 of 2 – 0%

Knockdowns (UFC 166):

Cain Velasquez: 1
Junior dos Santos: 0

Total (UFC 155 and 166):

Cain Velasquez: 2
Junior dos Santos: 0

After watching this trilogy it’s clear that Junior dos Santos should never be allowed to put on a pair of gloves and Nike trunks anywhere near Cain Velasquez again.

stats via fightmetric

Bonus Vulgar Display: ‘Bigfoot‘ makes Overeem pay (UFC 156, 2.2.13)
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