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Top 20 CFO$ WWE Themes: Part 1 of 4



When it comes to John Alicastro and Mike Lauri, we really don’t know a whole lot about them. What we do know is that when you put the two men together they form CFO$ (also known as Kromestatik) who are responsible for most of the walk out music for WWE and NXT talents since 2013. Since taking the bulk of the load from Jim Johnston, who still composes entrance themes but is mostly being used to compose for WWE Studios over the past couple of years. CFO$ has created over a 100 themes for pro wrestlers and WWE programming; everything from Sasha Banks’ catchy as hell theme, to Kevin Owens’ aptly named “Fight” walk out song, to songs that we’ll never be able to unhear like Cameron’s #GirlBye, were all created by CFO$.

While every theme can’t be perfect (Cesaro deserves better!) Alicastro and Lauri have proven that they are more than worthy of the job time and time again. Over the next week, we’ll rank the top 20 CFO$ themes thus far. We’re going to keep this list exclusive to members of the current roster, or else “Beautiful Life” AKA Brie Mode would’ve obviously been number one. You think I’m joking? It doesn’t matter what you think.

Let’s get started with #20-#15 here on a Friday night. Agree to disagree? That’s fine. Just as long as you talk about it in the comments section below. Oh ya, feel free to crank each song to 11 and party like it’s – insert your golden year here – all over again.

20. WWE Smackdown Theme – “Black and Blue”

This song gives us what the RAW open just can’t seem to do for some reason – a cool song that pumps us up for a great night of wrestling every Thursday Tuesday night that doesn’t put us to sleep.  I may be on the short list of folks who are hoping and praying that they keep this theme after the brand extension. If that’s the case, so be it. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t blared this theme while cleaning the house – along with every other song on this list from #20 – #1.

19. Nia Jax – “Force of Greatness”

I’m not like most girls
Who only take just what they’re given
Like a plastic little princess
Lucky for me I’m not like those girls
Who only take it all for granted
All they got is what they’re handed
Lucky for me I’m not like most girls

Awesome lyrics for a girl like Nia who – let’s be honest – isn’t like most girls when you look back at the history of WWE. She’s a refreshing change from the norm who will hopefully be used properly moving forward. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – she already has the look and the lineage coming into this game. Now she’s proven to us that she can go with anyone you put in front of her. Nia Jax has what it takes to be a true “Force of Greatness” for years to come.

18. Becky Lynch – “Celtic Invasion”

Fact: Becky used to walk out to “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer during her indie days. We feel like this jam does her far better justice. It’s comparable to Sami Zayn’s ska theme but with much more “Whoa’s” and “Hey’s,” and it suits her steampunk influenced look well.

There was a lack of energy in the Divas Women’s division before Becky Lynch arrived on the main roster and CFO$ has cooked up the perfect recipe to accompany her to the ring. This one woman Celtic Invasion is exactly what the doctor ordered to hype up any crowd on any given night.

17. Official NXT Theme – “Roar of the Crowd”

It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, or it could be ten years from now – the first thing we’ll always think of is a Sami Zayn somersault dive over the top rope and a Neville “Red Arrow” when this song hits.

The roar of the crowd
Stomp your feet to the ground
Give it all to me now
‘Cause you called for me, called for me
Awake to the sound
To the screams getting loud
Give it all to me now
‘Cause you called for me, called for me

A perfect tune with perfect lyrics to get you our of your seat whether your live in the arena or at home watching on the award-winning WWE Network. Not unlike Jim Johnston before them, CFO$ continues to show that they have mad range like Gary Oldman.

16. Rusev – “Roar of the Lion”

The “Lion” in question here is a Bulgarian Brute who has made his roar loud and clear since making his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble in early 2014. “Roar of the Lion” is perfect for a super villain like Rusev. And luckily for us we’re able to hear it again now that the stock of the 2-time United States Champion has skyrocketed since reuniting with Lana and dropping the dead weight formerly known as the League of Nations.

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