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Top 5 ‘Best WrestleManias of All-Time’ #5 – WrestleMania 30



The Best and Worst WrestleMania-The Top Fives

Top 5 ‘Best WrestleManias of All-Time’ Number Five

WrestleMania XXX – The Superdome-New Orleans, Louisiana – 2014

The show opened with the usual terrific video.

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and John Bradshaw Layfield are your commentators.

The show begins with the host of WrestleMania XXX, Hulk Hogan. He is singing his theme song, ‘Real American’, as he comes down to the ring. He welcomes the fans to the show and makes his famous Silverdome gaff. But then the glass breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin marches down to the ring. He hints at opening a can of whoop ass on Hulk Hogan, but ultimately he changes his tone and thanks Hogan for all he did for the business. Hogan salutes Austin, but then “If Ya Smell!” rings out and the Rock comes down to the ring.

The three biggest box office draws in WWE history in the ring for the first time. The crowd appropriately chants “This Is Awesome.” Rock does his spiel and salutes two of his former WrestleMania opponents. Rock gives his famous “Rock Babies” line that has the crowd cheering and the announcers are rolling. All three men finish with their famous closing lines to conclude a magical first segment.

Then we get the incredible Daniel Bryan vs The Authority hype video set to “Monster” by Imagine Dragons. For my money, this is one of the top five video packages ever put together by WWE and that covers a lot of ground.

Daniel Bryan vs Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) for a spot in the Main Event Triple Threat Match

Bryan has his famous fuzzy boots. The site of 70,000 people doing the “Yes” as he makes his entrance is still awe-inspiring. Triple H makes his usual incredible entrance with a young Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Alexa Bliss as slave girls to the King of Kings. H offers a handshake, but Bryan kicks the hand a way and gets a schoolboy for a two count. Bryan unloads with a series of strikes and H decides to take a powder. H tries to work Bryan’s injured shoulder, but Bryan fights back with a dropkick and a headlock takedown. Bryan stays in control until H catches a kick and hits a Divorce Court on the knee. H tries to go for the shoulder again, but Bryan fights back and DDT’s him on the apron, then hits him with a wild sommersault plancha. But H finally crotches Bryan on the top rope and knocks him to the floor. Triple H goes to Pedigree Bryan on the announce table, but Bryan fights out only to have Triple H arm whip hard onto the table. Bryan beats the count at seven, and H begins to savagely attack Bryan’s injured arm and shoulder, including a sick hammerlock suplex onto the apron.

H worked a crossface chickenwing and a crossface. He soon went to just straight right hands, but Bryan started fighting back. He hit a flying forearm and a pair of German suplexes for near falls, but H came back with a sick Released Tiger Suplex for a near fall. Stephanie’s trash talking to Bryan is great here. H went for a superplex, but Bryan blocked it and hit a sunset flip into a powerbomb for a near fall. Bryan hit a pair of dropkicks in the corner, but H came back with an awesome clothesline for a near fall. Bryan countered a Pedigree with a jackknife pin for a near fall and hit a high head kick. H got a knee up on a flying headbutt and went back to the crossface. Bryan fought the hold for a long time and eventually countered into the Yes Lock, but H fought to the ropes. H took a powder and Bryan assault with a pair of topes, a series of kicks, and a Flying Dropkick leading to a HBK nip up. Bryan hit the Yes Kicks for a near fall. Bryan went for the Flying Knee, but H countered into a spinebuster and hit the Pedigree but Bryan somehow kicked out. Bryan caught an incensed H with a small package for a near fall. Bryan blocked the Pedigree twice and hit a head kick, but missed a second one and H went for a back suplex, but Bryan escaped and backed up to hit The Flying Knee for the three count!

Winner: Daniel Bryan via pinfall in just under twenty-six minutes in an absolute must see match. * This match was awarded WWE 2014 match of the year  by Fight Booth

Post match, Stephanie runs in the ring and slaps Bryan twice. Bryan is staring her down when H attacks him from behind. He wraps his arm around the ring post and nails it with a steel chair.

The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns) vs The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James and Bad Ass Billy Gunn) and Kane

Road Dogg started with an abbreviated version of their classic entrance, but the Shield interrupts. Kane comes out after them for whatever reason. Kane starts out with Ambrose and makes a quick start, until Ambrose hits him with the Nigel lariat. He tags to Reigns, who cleans house on all three heels. He hits a double Drive By dropkick on the Outlaws and a Superman Punch on Road Dogg. He goes for one on Billy, but Kane catches him for a chokeslam, but Seth intercepts it with a Flying Knee, then hits a tope con hilo on Kane. Dean intercepts Gunn on a Famouser attempt and Roman hits him with a Superman Punch. Seth and Dean hit stereo topes on the Outlaws and Roman hits them with a double spear. The Shield gets the Outlaws up for a Super Triple Powerbomb and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: The Shield by pin in about three minutes

A legends segment sees Dangerous Danny Davis, Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Ricky The Dragon Steamboat playing with action figures, until Ted DiBiase buys them out of it. Ron Simmons caps off the segment with his famous word. “Damn!”

The First Ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Only the last two entrants, The Big Show and Sheamus get big entrances. There also so many people, including a lot of former world champions, in this match. 3MB teamed up to eliminate the Great Khali and Zack Ryder, until they were all disposed off by Mark Henry, who was then eliminated by the Big Show. Santino eliminated Miz with the Cobra. Big E powerbombs Justin Gabriel out. Fandango eliminated the then IC Champion Big E and Fandangomania returned for a moment before he was eliminated by Sheamus. Alberto Del Rio eliminates Tyson Kidd, Goldust, and Cody Rhodes. Rey Mysterio cut off ADR’s rally with a 619, but went for one on Cesaro but he blocked and eliminated him a sick uppercut.

Cesaro dumped Kofi Kingston over the top rope in an incredible spot, but Kingston’s feet landed on the steps and not the floor. Kingston went on a furious rally until Cesaro cut him off with The Big Swing. Kingston and Dolph Ziggler were eliminated. The final four were Show, Cesaro, ADR, and Sheamus. ADR locked Sheamus in the armbar. Sheamus tried to slam him over the top, but both men were eliminated in the process. Down to Cesaro and Show. Cesaro took it to him, but Show caught flying off the top rope with a slap to the chest. Show picked him to slam over the top, but Cesaro escaped and hit a big uppercut, then picked him up with an incredible slam over the top rope to get the surprise win.

Winner: Cesaro

Post match, with half the damn arena humming Cesaro’s theme music, Show shook his hand from the outside.

The John Cena-Bray Wyatt feud is recapped with a video set to “Legacy” by Eminem.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt (With Luke Harper and Erik Rowan)

Wyatt had a sick entrance that included fire, dancers, and his theme song played live by the band in masks and facepaint. Cena’s was nothing special, but still took a long time. Wyatt quickly got on his knees and asked Cena to finish him. Cena refused to him and Wyatt got to his knees so they could start that match. Cena tried to wrestle, but Bray soon got him into a brawl and was pounding him. Wyatt was picking Cena apart until he started posing and Cena nailed with a lariat and pounded him in the corner. Cena kept pounding him until the ref threatened to disqualify him. Cena hit a Yakuza Kick, then stared down Wyatt and Harper. Wyatt finally managed to cut him off and send him flying with a release vertical suplex. Wyatt taunts Cena, but missing a big punch and eats a dropkick. Wyatt comes back with a sleeperhold. Cena fought back out of it and hit a pair of shoulder tackles, the atom bomb, and went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Wyatt did the Spider Walk Nip Up! Rowan distracted Cena and Wyatt hit the Release Urange for a two count.

Wyatt conducted the crowd singing “The Whole World In His Hands.”Cena came back wirh a Tornado DDT for a near fall. Cena went for the Flying Rocker Dropper, but Wyatt caught him with a stack powerbomb for a great near fall. Wyatt escaped the STF, but Cena caught him with a second atom bomb and a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena went for the AA, but Wyatt countered with a gutbuster. Cena tried an AA on the apron, but Wyatt coutnerd with a DDT. Wyatt went for a superplex, but Cena blocked it, but choose to hit a plancha on Harper and Rowan.

Wyatt came out and threw Cena into the steps. Wyatt went to use the steps, but Cena cut him off and went the use the steps himself, only to throw them away and send Wyatt back in the ring, but Wyatt cut him off with a flying forearm. Wyatt missed a big senton, and Cena hit the AA, but Wyatt kicked out. Rowan distracted the ref, and Harper hit Cena with a superkick and Wyatt hit the senton for a near fall. Wyatt threw Cena to the floor. Cena woke up, and proceeded to tackle Harper through the barricade. Wyatt went for Sister Abigail, but Cena countered into the STF, but Wyatt got the ropes. Wyatt came back to hit Sister Abigail for a near fall. Wyatt became incensed and was throwing things around the outside, until he grabbed a chair and tossed it to Cena, telling him to finish him. The ref shouted “You don’t wanna do this, John.” Eventually Rowan came from behind and Cena swung at him, and Wyatt rolled him up for a two count. Wyatt went for Sister Abigail again, but Cena countered into the Attitude Ajustment for the win.

Winner: Cena via pinfall

Post match, Cena hugged a few fans, his father, and The Rock’s mother.

We then get The Hall of Fame recap and recognizing them in the arena. The HOF was Jake The Snake Roberts, Mr. T, the late Paul Bearer, Carlos Colon, Lita, Razor Ramon, and the headliner, the now late Ultimate Warrior.

We see Daniel Bryan being gingerly worked over by the doctor.

Now its Streak Time We get the video with a a voice over, which is interrupted by Paul Heyman being Paul Heyman when he was at his absolute best as a promo.

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

Brock got his standard entrance. Taker’s entrance was preceeded by announcers going back twenty years making calls of his matches. Twenty-One caskets were on the stage, with a Twenty-second One opening up with Brock’s name on it. Brock’s face seemed to show fear at this. Taker takes his time walking to the ring. The bell rings and they start out trading punches.. Taker gets the better of it, but Lesnar heaves him with an overhead belly to belly. Lesnar knocks him to the outside, but Taker snaps his neck on the top rope. Taker backs him up into the corner and goes to work. Taker doesn’t look very healthy here, we realize now. Taker starts to attack the shoulder of Lesnar, throwing him several times into the post. Taker hits his trademark legdrop on the apron. Taker hits snake eyes and goes for a chokeslam, but Brock escapes and goes for a F-5, but Taker escapes and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle.

Taker misses a big boot in the corner, and Lesnar goes to work. He targets Taker’s leg with a variety of attacks. Taker takes a hard whip into the barricade on the floor. Lesnar is pounding Taker with a series of knees to the chest and Taker looks bad. He looks legitimately knocked out, but he comes alive and hits a running DDT on Lesnar. Taker starts to get going with a series of rights, a pair of splashes in the corner, a Snake Eyes, and a Yakuza Kick, followed by a legdrop for a two count. There is an ereie atmosphere and the announcers notice it. Taker hits a big chokeslam for a near fall. Taker goes for the Tombstone, but Lesnar escapes and hits the F-5 for a near fall. Crowd is trying to get behind Taker. Lesnar is slow to follow up, and Taker seems to sucker him into the Hell’s Gate. Lesnar manages to powerbomb out of the hold. Lesnar took time to recover, but Taker caught him in the hold again, but Lesnar powerbombed him out again. Taker tried to crawl towards Lesnar, but Lesnar caught him in the kimura with a bodyscissors. Taker broke the hold and reversed it into his own kimura. Lesnar tried to double leg him to the ground, but Taker went into a closed guard. Lesnar finally got the ropes. He came up, but charged into a boot.

Taker went for Old School, but Lesnar broke it up and caught him in a second F-5, but Taker kicked out again! Lesnar let loose with a trio of Released German suplex. He was throwing punches from a corner mount, but Taker caught him with a powerbomb. Taker hit the Tombstone Piledriver, but Lesnar kicked out! Taker then sat up and hit the cut the throat symbol. He went for a Tombstone again, but Lesnar reversed and hit a third F-5! One, two, three. The Streak Is Over!

Winner: Lesnar by pin in just over twenty-five minutes

After the match, well, you know. The audience, including the most jaded and smartest fans in wrestling, are stunned. Ellis Mbeh, Shocked Undertaker Guy, becomes famous, with his eyes bugging out. What is a minute of silence, followed by a small cheer when Brock is announced is the winner, is followed by the swarm of angry bees. There is a brief “bullshit” chant before Lesnar’s music starts to play and the commentators start to talk again, in muted tones. When 21-1 apperars on the screen, the crowd boos. Lesnar walks back, with Paul cheering. The fans boo when Heyman raises his hand on the top of the ramp. The music ends as Taker struggles to get up to the this fight and soon the crowd starts to cheer and clap for him. It takes a long time for him to get his bearings and walk to the back.

The Vickie Guerrero Invitational for the WWE Divas Title

These poor women had to follow this. Only the reigning champion, AJ Lee, got an entrance here. Vickie used her trademark line and wished everyone luck. AJ and her partner Tamina were in the center, and the rest of the women attacked them. Too much happening here to mention. Damn the division has come leaps and bounds since this match. Three snap suplexes ended in three covers being broken up. Cameron’s top pops off here, but she manages to stay in it. Emma gets a pop with her sandwich move Summer Rae, but Alicia cuts her off with a scissor kick. Namoi catches her with a Rear View, but Tamina hit a superkick on her. Eva Marie comes in shoves her down, but Tamina gets up and chases her off. The Bellas hit a stereo tope to take out the rest of the Divas. They get back in the ring and start trading shots. Nikki hits the Rack Attack on Brie, but Alicia and Nattie break it up and take the Bellas out. Naomi, Aksana, and Nattie hit a Tower of Doom spot. Nattie takes out Aksana and Tamina, but AJ takes her out, and catches Naomi in the Widow’s Peak and gets her to tap out.

Winner: AJ via submission 

We go to the back and we get a fun little segment featured Hogan, Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, Mr. T, and Pat Patterson, all bearing the hatchet from the main event of WrestleMania I.

They introduce Bruno Sammartino, Harley Race, Bob Backlund, Dusty Rhodes, and Bret Hart sitting at ring side.

Randy Orton (C) vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match for WWE World Heavyweight Title

Orton comes out first, with a live version of his theme song by Rev Theory. Batista got his spotlight entrance. Bryan could only “Yes!” with one arm as he came down to the ring. Bryan immediately caught Orton with a dropkick in the corner. Batista cut him off and tried to Batista Bomb him, but Bryan hit a rana and Batista went to the floor. Bryan came out with a series of kicks on Orton, before Orton took out the arm. Batista caught Orton with a clothesline, but orton countered his powerslam into a reverse backbreaker. Batista knocked him to the floor. It became a brawl between Batista and Orton on the floor, as Bryan tried to recover. Batista tried to powerbomb Orton on the steps, but he countered with a backdrop. Orton cut Bryan off, then back suplexed Batista on the rail. Bryan finally came back with a double top rope dropkick, followed by a series of kicks on both men. Orton cut him off with an Exploder suplex for a near fall. Batista hit a powrslam on Orton, but Bryan broke up the pin. Bryan hit a series of corner dropkicks on both men, then a top rope hurricanrana on Orton for a near fall. Batista dumped Bryan to the floor with suplex, but Orton hit a superplex on Batista.

Bryan came back and hit a Flying Headbutt on Batista, then locked Orton in the Yes! Lock. But Triple H and Stephanie came out, and pulled the ref out before Orton could tap. Batista hit a spinebuster on Bryan, and formerly crooked ref Scott Armstrong came back in. Batista hit the Batista Bomb, but Bryan kicked out! The fans are now fully awake and behind Bryan. Batista missed a spear and hit the post, and Bryan kicked Armstrong in the head. Bryan then took out H, Armstrong, and Stephanie with a tope, prompting a huge Yes! Chant. H tried to come in with a sledgehammer, but Bryan cut him off and nailed him with it. Bryan rolled up Batista but Orton broke it up. Orton went savage on Batista and the two teamed up destroy Bryan. Refs were taking H and Stephanie to the back.

Orton and Batista conferred, then put Bryan through the announce table with an incredible Batista Bomb/RKO combo. It looked great, but Orton was also hurt. EMT’s then came out to tend to Bryan. They put him in a neck collar and on a stretcher. Batista then went after Orton as the fans chanted for Bryan. Orton cut him off and hit his hanging DDT on the floor Meanwhile om the rampway, Bryan somehow fought his way off the stretcher. Orton was there waiting for him. Orton threw him into the steps, then in the ring, We went for the RKO, but Bryan turned into the Yes Lock, but Batista broke it up. Bryan caught him in the hold, but Orton pulled Bryan off. Batista blocked one RKO, and went for a spear, but hit Bryan, and Orton hit the RKO, but Batista kicked out. Orton for the punt on Batista, but Bryan cut him off with the Flying Knee. Batista tossed Bryan out and tried to pin Orton, but he kicked out. Batista hit the Batista Bomb on Orton, but Bryan hit him the Flying Knee! Bryan locked in the Yes! Lock, and Batista tapped out like a drunk man! The miracle is complete!

Winner: Bryan via submission in just over twenty-three minutes

After the match, Bryan was handed the two belts, as the entire crowd chanted away.   He got on the announce table and did Yes Chant with the belts. Fireworks and confetti rain down! The late Connor the Crusher Is shown doing the Yes Chant, and Bryan’s niece and sister join him in the ring. The show ends with Bryan doing the chant in the ring

Why This is Number Five: Simply put, Daniel Bryan. The People’s Hero wrestled almost fifty minutes in the best individual effort in WrestleMania history, culminating with a long and winding story of one of our guys winning. His match with Triple H is one of the best in WrestleMania history. And say what you will about the Breaking of the Streak, as a moment, it is probably the Most Shocking in modern WWE History. The Shield match, the Battle Royal, and the Women’s Match are all fun, and the opening segment is one for the books.

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