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Top 5 reasons Lucha Underground is better than the mainstream promotion you’re watching




There are dozens of reasons why the popularity of Lucha Underground grows every week. Why every Wednesday you can find it trending worldwide on twitter: the Temple, the stories, the Telemundo twist on wrestling paired with crisp, flawless matches crammed into a one hour program, just for starters. Narrowing my nearly endless list to five was hard, but let’s face it, you’re far more likely to read five major reasons than the dozens of subcategories I could have come up with.

1. Gotta be Dario Cueto
Every wrestling promotion has a boss; Lucha Underground has Dario Cueto, El Jefe. No one would dare chant boring when he speaks. He is ruthless, sneaky, in a word – evil. Even his “unique opportunities” aren’t necessarily a prize you want to win. He’s an ultimate heel, the guy you love to hate.

2. Story Lines
One of my favorite things about Lucha Underground is a plot. There is a story being told. There are a dozen stories being told; rivalries that run deep, jilted lovers, family troubles, and they are good stories. As an added bonus they don’t just magically disappear after a few weeks with no warning. They last. They hold meaning. And (don’t lose your mind over this last part) they make sense.

3. The Commentators
Let’s be honest, if you’re a professional wrestling fan, you have a favorite (and least favorite) announcer. You can quickly recall your favorite commentating team (its Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon, if you picked someone else, you’re wrong).

Lucha Underground has Matt Striker and Vampiro, yes, that Vampiro. Striker’s wrestling knowledge is basically limitless; his commentating actually makes me smarter. Vampiro has an honest love for the product (“I’m a fan all over again” – if you watch it, you’ll get it) it’s contagious. He hates with great passion and literally jumps out of his seat with excitement.

4. Women Wrestlers
Not Divas. Not girls dancing around the ring pulling hair. Women Wrestlers. They wrestle every week, and never fail to impress. They fight alongside and against the men, and are so amazingly talented that you don’t even question if it works, it just does.

5. The Talent
This being on the list is so obvious I’m embarrassed to put it here. But here it is anyway. Every match on Lucha Underground is worth watching. This is so important that I’m going to say it again.

Every match on Lucha Underground is worth watching. Every Wrestler delivers (and sells) amazing, breathtaking, inspiring moves, match after match. If you look away, even for a minute, you’re going to miss something awesome.

So there you have it, 5 reasons to go watch the best promotion on TV. I’ll just say “you’re welcome” in advance.

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Drea Mitchell is a lifelong wrestling fan. She loves violence, good storytelling and her sons. You can find her on Twitter @shewatcheslucha