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Top 5 ‘Worst WrestleManias of All-Time’ #5 – WrestleMania IV



The Best and Worst of WrestleMania

Top 5 ‘Worst WrestleManias of All-Time’ Number Five

WrestleMania IV – The Trump Hotel and Casino-Atlantic City, New Jersey-1988

The show began with the showing the old school WWF graphic with Gene Okerlund doing an awesome voiceover- “The WWF. What The World Is Watching!”

They then doing a graphic of a giant slot machine coming up with WrestleMania IV.

The show begins with Mean Gene Okerlund in the ring, welcoming the fans to the show. He then introduces Gladys Knight, who sings America The Beautiful.

Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura are your commentators. They run down the show and hype up the tournament to fill the vacant WWF World Heavyweight Title, as well as the Opening Battle Royal. Bob Uecker then comes to join them on commentary.

The 20 Man Battle Royal

Everyone comes down together and the Fink introduces everyone in the ring. Not gonna run down everyone here. Mostly tag teams. A huge trophy is the prize for the winner. Sam Houston is the first one out. George the Animal Steele is in the match, but never seems to get in the ring He does pullout Jim Neidhart. JYD tosses the recently late Ron Bass. Paul Roma gets a huge pop for eliminating the former crooked ref, Danny Davis. Ken Pantera and The Russians eliminate each other. Soon it’s down to Junkyard Dog, Bret Hart, and Bad News Brown. JYD is cleaning house with his trademark headbutt for a while, but the heels soon cut him off and double team him and eliminate him. Hart and Bad News are celebrating like they are gonna share the win, until Brown hits him with the Ghetto Blaster. Brown whips him hard chest first into the buckles and tossed the Hitman for the win,

Winner: Bad News Brown 

After the match, Hart came back in and dropkicked Brown from behind, knocking him from the ring. Hart then destroyed the trophy for a big pop. It was the beginning of a babyface run for Bret Hart that would last nine years.

Bob Uecker then left the announce table, in search for Vanna White, who was also at the show.

The Fink announced the rules of the tournament and announced Robin Leach, from Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous, who gave a proclamation from Jack Tunney, announcing the 14 Man tournament for the vacant title.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase (with Andre The Giant and Virgil)

There is no music for these entrances. The two men traded lockups, until a broke out into an exchange of right hands. Duggan hit an atomic drop that sent Dibiase to the floor. DiBiase went to the eyes and went to work, but Duggan reversed it and hit a big clothesline, then hit 10 punches in the corner. But he charged into a DiBiase corner and hit a series of rights and lefts and nailed him a big clothesline. DiBiase hit a second rope elbow for a two count. Duggan came back with a sunset flip for a two count. DiBiase cut him off and went for a suplex, but Duggan reversed it into his own and hit a big clothesline. Duggan hit a bodyslam and called for the 3 Point Stance, but Andre tripped him. Duggan tried to go after him, but Andre nailed with a right hand. DiBiase hit his trademark fistdrop to get the win.

Winner: DiBiase via pinfall 

Duggan rolled to his 2X4 and chased the heels off.

Mean Gene Okerlund did an interview with Brutus Beefcake, who would be facing Honky Tonk Man for the IC Title. They talked more about Brutus’s outfit and cutting Jimmy hart’s hair then winning the title.

“The Rock” Don Muraco (with Superstar Billy Graham) vs Dino Bravo (with French Martin)

They locked up and Bravo drove Muraco into the corner and feigned a clean break, but nailed him. He went for a whip, but Muraco reversed it caught with a clothesline in the corner and a bodyslam. Muraco went from some weird Vader Bomb type move, but Bravo was out of a position. Muraco covered anyway, but Bravo powered out. Muraco came back with a backdrop and an armdrag, but Bravo slipped the second armdrag, and Bravo hit a pair of elbowdrops and a gutwrench suplex. Bravo went for a flying knee in the corner, but missed. Muraco went to work the leg, including a spinning toe hold. Bravo finally managed to get his foot under him and kick him off and Muraco got his head tangled in the ropes! The ref had to help him out.

Bravo then used Muraco’s finisher, the piledriver, but hesitated on the pin and Muraco kicked out. Bravo went for it again, but Muraco backdropped out. Then they took each out on a double clothesline. Muraco recovered first and hit a flying forearm and a bodyslam, but went him went for a flying forearm, Bravo threw the ref in the way of Muraco! Bravo hit his sidewalk slam and thought he had the pin, but the ref came to and tapped him in the back. Frenchie came into to raise his hand but The Fink announced Muraco as the winner.

Winner: Muraco via disqualification 

Bob Uecker was in the back. He taunted Jesse the Body about finding Vanna White. He was then interrupted by Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart, who told him to take what was going on seriously and not worry about Vanna. Honky Tonk scolded Brutus for wanting cut Jimmy’s hair and take his title and promised to finish him off.

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs Greg The Hammer Valentine

Steamboat had his son, The Little Dragon, with him. He grew up to be former NXT Superstar Richie Steamboat. Steamboat started out with a hiptoss and an armdrag,and started working the arm. Steamboat hit a series of chops for a near fall, then a pair of shoulderblocks for near falls. Valentine threw Steamboat over the top, but Dragon skinned the cat back in and dropkicked Valentine in the back for a two count. Steamboat went back after the arm, but Valentine cut him off and dropped with a right hand. Steamboat tried to hold the ropes, but Valentine pulled him away hard by the legs, and dropped the Hammer for a two count. Valentine went for a back suplex, but Steamboat flipped to his feet and slammed him hard into the buckles. Steamboat dropped a knee, then went back to the arm, but Valentine hit him with a reverse atomic drop and a clothesline.

Valentine pounded Steamboat in the throat with elbows. Steamboat fought back with a series of hard chops for a two count. Valentine fell on top of a bodyslam attempt for a two count, then hit a gutbuster and a headbutt to the ribs. Valentine went for the Figure Four, but Dragon kicked him hard into the buckles. It was chops vs forearms now. Steamboat hit a faceslam for a two count, but Valentine raked the eyes and hit a shoulder breaker for a two count. Valentine went for a top rope double axhandle and went for the Figure Four, but Steamboat nailed him with a chop. Steamboat hit a series of faceslams and then whipped him into a flying forearm. Steamboat hit a top rope chop for a two count, then slammed his head ten times into the corner. The ref was real hostile trying to break them up. Steamboat went for the Flying Bodypress off the top, but Valentine rolled through and grabbed the tights for the three count.

Winner: Valentine via pinfall

The host of the event, the current “POTUS” is shown in the crowd.

Mean Gene interviewed the British Bulldogs and Koko B Ware, with Matilda. The Bulldogs talked about how Matilda had been trained in weasel hunting. Koko said Matilda would eat Hennan for lunch.

“The Natural” Butch Reed (with Slick) vs Macho Man Randy Savage (with Elizabeth)

Macho got a huge pop. He and Elizabeth are in blue. Savage dodged a few strikes from Reed and got a waistlock, but Reed backed him into the corner, then pounded him. He snapmared and hit a fistdrop. Reed went to slam his head on the buckle, but Savage blocked it and slammed his head and went for a suplex, but Reed reversed it into his own. Reed stomped away on him, then whipped him into a back elbow, then hit a second rope fistdrop. Reed went for a backdrop, but Savage kicked him away and slammed him into the buckle, but Reed came back with a clothesline. Reed went up top, but was distracted by Elizabeth, and Savage made it over and slammed him off the top! Savage then hit the big top rope elbowdrop for the win!

Winner: Savage via pinfall

Next Mean Gene did an interview with the Islanders and Bobby Hennan, who promised to make stew out of Matilda and Frankie The Bird. No Peta back then.

The One Man Gang (with Slick) vs Bam Bam Bigelow (with Sir Oliver Humperdink)

Bigelow was way over as a big babyface. Gang jumped him before the bell with a series of left hands and an elbow to the head. Gang whipped him into the corner and clotheslined him into the corner, but missed a second charge, and Bigelow knocked him down with a shoulderblock, then hit a cartwheel into a splash for a two count. Bigelow hit a cross body block for a two count. Bigelow rocked with a series of rights, then hit a headbutt and a clothesline. Bigelow pounded him some more, then dropped him with a headbutt and dropped a second headbutt. Bigelow went running into the ropes, but Slick pulled the top and Bigelow fell over hard. The ref then counted to ten…

Winner: Gang via countout

Next up was Mean Gene interviewing Hulk Hogan, with Gene mentioning it was weird not referring to Hulk as champion. Hogan said it was the night for him to put to end with all the controversies with Andre and prove he was the man once and for all. He promised to slam Andre through the Trump Plaza and cuts an incredibly…something promo, about causing a Faultline and thanking God that Trump was a Hulkamanic. He is saying all this stuff about the current “President” about him putting aside his material possessions to save his family, but said if he couldn’t make they could jump on his back and Hogan would swim them to safety…WTF!!!

They show the owner of the casino one more time before the next match.

Ravishing Rick Rude (with Bobby Hennan) vs Jake the Snake Roberts

Rude did his usual pre match spiel. Jake got a huge pop. This is before their feud really got going. They started with a lock up, but Rude got off to a quick start with a series of right hands and bodyslams, but Jake came back with a series of slams of his own. Jake worked the arm, locking in a wristlock that he refused to let go for a minute. Rude finally managed to back him into the corner and hit a series of rights, but Jake came back with a flying knee and went for the DDT, but Rude slipped out and took a powder. They then did the criss cross sequence that you never see anymore, but Jake caught Rude with a bodyslam.

Jake went for a running knee, but rude slipped it and swept him hard to the mat. Rude unloaded with a series of stomps, then hit a clothesline for a two count, then went to a rear chinlock. Jake tried to fight out, but Rude used the hair to keep the hold, then Hennan distracted the ref so Rude could choke. Jake slipped the hold but Rude caught him with a second rope forearm. Rude hit another clothesline for a two count, then went back to a chinlock. Jake fought to his feet and ran the ropes, but Rude caught him with a gorilla press drop and hit a top rope fistdrop, but made a couple of lax covers for near falls. Gorilla and Jesse are so good at pointing out deficinces and going after wins. Rude went back to the damn chinlock. Jake tried to back suplex his way out, but Rude kept on. The crowd did get behind Jake, who got out with a jawbreaker that Rude sold dramatically. Jake then let out with series of rights and lefts, then a high backdrop and a shortarm clothsine. Jake then went for the DDT, but Rude backed him into the corner. Jake came back with a gutbuster for a two count. Rude came back with a suplex for a near fall. We get our second double clothesline of the evening, and Rude gets a near fall. Rude took him down with a double leg, but tried to put his feet on the ropes, but the bell rang. The first round fifteen minute time limit strikes!

This Match ends in a Draw

That’s the end of the first round. So now its Rock vs Hogan, DiBiase vs Muraco, Valentine vs Savage, and Gang gets a buy.

Mean Gene goes to the back with a the big board with what’s going on the tournament. Mean Gene then introduces Vanna White, who was then just becoming famous on Wheel of Fortune. She helps turn the names and gives some comments.

Hercules vs the Ultimate Warrior

This was a lot of posing and growling at the beginning. Warrior no sold a Hercules cheap shot, and then Herc needed three clothslines to put Warrior down, but he was up and he decked Herc three times with clothesline. Herc cut him off a boot, but missed a Snake Eyes. Just missed it. Herc tried to dump to the floor, but Warrior landed on his feet. Warrior is very clumsy here. Herc tries to work him over, but Warrior’s not really selling for him. Warrior got a ten punch in the corner, but Herc caught him with a reverse atomic drop. Herc went for a whip, but Warrior reversed it and missed a charge. Herc went to put him in the Full Nelson, but Warrior was able to block it fully. Warrior then kicked off the ropes and both men had their shoulder down, but we see Warrior get a shoulder up before the three. This is mercifully.

Winner: Warrior via pinfall

Starting the second part of the show, Jesse points out Sugar Ray Leonard, and then says he thinks Hagler won. (He’s wrong.) Then we get the history of Hulk and Andre, including Ted DiBiase’s attempt to buy the WWF World title, and classic Twin Referee’s angle at the Main Event, where Andre won the title on a screwjob and then tried to present it to DiBiase, which let the title becoming vacant, necessitating the tournament.

Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant (with Ted DiBiase and Virgil)

Hogan stopped before getting to the ring and charged in, but Andre was right on top of him, and DiBiase and Virgil were still in the ring. Andre worked him over with chops and punches, until Hogan pushed and rocked Andre with a series of forearms. DiBiase got on the apron and Hulk throttled him. Andre came over, and Hogan knocked their heads together, dropping both men. Hogan then rocked Andre until he fell over and got his arms tied in the ropes. Hogan took the time to rip his shirt off and pose, and DiBiase and Virgil freed Andre. Hulk was right on top of him and pounded him into the mat.

Hogan dropped a series of elbows, but Andre grabbed him on the last one and started choking him. Andre got to his feet and started stomping and choking the Hulkster with his boot. Andre then began working with a double-handed nervehold. Hogan almost went out but he managed to Hulk up and break the hold and rocked Andre with a series of strikes and a clothesline. Hulk called for the big slam, but Virgil jumped on the apron and DiBiase came from behind and hit Hogan with a chair. Hogan no sold it and took the chair away. Hogan nailed Andre in the back with a chair. Andre blocked a second one, and took the chair away and hit Hogan with it. The ref called  for the bell. Hogan went after DiBiase, but Virgil got in his way, and Hogan suplexed him on the floor. Hulk then went in and bodyslammed Andre. And now Hulk Must Pose.

Winner: Double DQ 

Jesse then points out that DiBiase probably used Andre just to eliminate Hulk and if he could beat Don Muraco, he would get a buy into the finals. He also wondered why Hogan were so eager to pose when he was eliminated. Good ol’ Jesse.

Mean Gene then interview Macho Man and Elizabeth, who are now in pink. Savage put over Hogan, saying he was a cheated man, not a defeated man, and said he no one not even him, had beaten him yet. He then said that now his path was clear and he had Hulk’s endorsement and promised to go all the way. Elizabeth offered her support as well.

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase vs The Rock Don Muraco (with Billy Graham)

Muraco got started before the bell, grabbing DiBiase by the hair and slamming him into the buckle and slamming him into the ring. Muraco dropped a pair of elbows and whipped him into a powerslam for a two count. Muraco whipped him into a back elbow, then hit a second rope fistdrop for a two count. Muraco then snapmared him and used the Mr. Perfect neck snap, then nailed with a standing dropkick for a two count. DiBiase tried to take a powder, but Graham cut him off and DiBiase went back in the ring, when Muraco rocked with a right.

DiBiase finally manged to grab him by the tights and pin him into the buckles. DiBiase then worked Muraco over in the corner and whipped him into a clothesline, then into a knee to the gut. DiBiase hit a pair of fistdrops, but Muraco got a foot on the ropes. Crowd is cool here. DiBiase continued working Muraco over, but Muraco kicked away backdrop, but DiBiase went to the eyes. DiBiase went for his backwards elbow drop, but missed. Muraco came back with a clothesline and a shoulderblock, but DiBiase came out of nowhere with a Hot Shot and got the three count.

Winner: Dibiase via pinfall

Bob Uecker then lamented his failed search for Vanna, and Demolition came in with Mr. Fuji. Uecker did a good job selling his fear, as Demolition talked about their match Strike Force, and said they would grab the golden goose and strangle it tonight.

One Man Gang was out to accept his bye.

Macho Man Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) vs Greg The Hammer Valentine

They brawled to start the match, with Savage eventually getting a kneedrop for a two count. Valentine cut off to the body and hit a top rope hammer on him. Valentine then hit his trademark elbowdrop for a two count, then a shoulderbreaker for a two count. Valentine threw Savage to the floor and pounded him, throwing him into the rail. Valentine continued to work Savage over, pouding him in the chest and throat. Valentine then pulled him into the center and started wornking on the leg. Savage managed to get to the ropes, but Valentine pulled him back and hit a suplex and a backbreaker for near falls. Savage made a comeback out of nowhere, hitting a backelbow, a bodyslam, and a top rope double axhandle for a two count.

Jimmy Hart distracted the ref and Savage, and Valentine cut him off with a back elbow. Valentine went for another suplex, but Savage reversed it into his own. Savage went up top for another axhandle, but Valentine caught him in the gut on the way down. Both men down. Savage went for a sit down splash in the ropes, but Hart pushed Valentine out-of-the-way. Valentine then for the Figure Four , but Savage turned it to the small package for the three count!

Winner: Savage via pinfall

Honky Tonk Man (with Col Jimmy Hart and Peggy Sue) (C) vs Brutus The Barber Beefcake) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

They started with a long lock up, but Honky went to town with some rights, but beefcake caught a cake and hit a big atomic drop, then messed up Honky’s hair, which sent him to the outside. Brutus got his hands on him and slammed his head into the buckle ten times, then whipped into a high knee. Honky tried to take another power, but Beefcake cut him off and snapmared him back into the ring. But Beefcake missed an elbowdrop and Honky took over some of the worst punches and kicks ever thrown. Honky distracted the ref so Jimmy could choke him. Honky then went for the spinning neckbreaker, but Brutus grabbed the rope. Beefcake made the comeback, hitting with a backdrop and locking in the sleeperhold. Hart jumped on the apron and the ref tried to back him off, but hart hit with the megaphone when he turned his back. Honky was out of course. Beefcake then went for the scissors, but Jimmy Hart stole them. Brutus gave chase and caught him, and eventually started cutting Hart’s hair! But Honky keeps the title, again.

Winner: Beefcake via DQ

Bob Uecker then conducted his famous interview with Andre The Giant. Andre said that he had paid to make sure that Hogan was an ex champion and he was proud of it. He proclaimed Hulkamania to be over. Uecker asked him to get his giant hand off of his shoulder and Andre responded by grabbing his neck and wringing it in that clip we’ve seen a thousand times.

The Islanders (Haku and Tama) and Bobby Hennan vs The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) and Koko B Ware (with Matilda and Frankie)

Brain had a padded jacket on to protect himself from Matilda, whom had been kidnapped by the Islanders. Dynamite started the match, hiptossing both Islanders and hitting Tana with a shoulderblock and a backdrop. Tana asked for a handshake and Dynamite responded with a double thrust to the throat and catapulting him over the top to the floor. Tags to Haku and Davey Boy. Davey Boy hit a cross body block and a crucifix for near falls, then went to a rear chinlock. Haku countered into a wristlock and tagged in Tama. Tama tried to stay on the arm, but Davey Boy turned into a gorilla press slam. Tama cut him off with a gutshot and tagged in Haku. Davey flipped out of a side slam and tagged Koko, who a dropkick on a Haku and a headlock takedown/headscissors combo on both Islanders.

Dynamite tagged in and whipped Haku into a clothesline, but Haku caught him a front kick. Bobby Hennan then tagged in, putting the boots to the Dynamite Kid. Dynamite got in one gutshot and Hennan tagged Tama, who a backdrop and a bodyslam, but Dynamite got the knees up on kip up splash. Koko got the hot tag and he backdropped Tama and whipped Haku into Tama, but Haku kicked away a second backdrop. Haku hit a top rope double axhandle. Hennan tagged in and started stomping and kneeing Koko. He ate a few gutshots with his pads, and put on a never hold. But Koko reversed a whip and dropkicked Hennan in the back. It soon broke down. Haku threw Davey Boy over the top and while the ref was getting out Dynamite, the Islanders slammed Koko and then double pressed Hennan onto Koko and the Brain got the pin!

Winner: The Islanders and Hennan via pinfall

After the match, The Bulldogs came in and laid out the Islanders. Hennan then tried to run away, but Davey Boy grabbed Matilda and they chased him down. Hennan of course tripped and they caught up with him in the aisle.

The Fink then acknowledged Jesse Ventura, who was “over like freaking rover.” He then obliged the crowd with some poses.

They acknowledged The Million Dollar Man’s buy.

One Man Gang (with Slick) vs Macho Man Randy Savage (with Elizabeth)

Macho and Elizabeth are in black now. Savage used his speed early, peppering with his shots and hitting his over the top clothesline with the top rope. But Gang managed to corner him and start to  pepper him with shots. Gang just seemed to content to pound him and stomp him. Gang hit a big bodyslam, but Macho got a foot on the ropes. Gang hit a big elbowdrop, but Savage kicked out again. Gang slammed him again and went for the big splash, but Savage moved. Savage peppered him a series of jabs and an elbow to the head that drove Gang into the ropes. Savage knocked him to the floor and hit a top rope double axhandle! But Savage went for a slam, but that didn’t work. Meanwhile Slick was going after Elizabeth, who came up to the apron. The ref backed Slick off and he jumped on the apron on the other side. Savage went to grab him, but Slick tossed his cane to Gang. Gang missed on the first few swings and when the ref saw with the cane, he called for the bell! Gang did nail Savage with the cane from behind.

Winner: Savage via DQ

Afterwards, Slick was hugging Gang and consoling him, but Savage came off the top with a double axhandle and knocked Gang on top of Slick. So its Savage vs DiBiase in the finals.

They went back to Mean Gene and Vanna, who showed the final bracket. Vanna then excused herself to go to ringside. Bob Uecker came in at the end, looking for Vanna, but Gene told him he had just missed her.

Demolition( Ax and Smash) (c) (with Mr. Fuji) vs Strike Force (C) (Rick Martel and Tito Santana) for the WWF Tag Team titles.

Smash started with Martel, pounding away. Martel went for a cross body block, but Smash caught it, but Tito dropkicked him on top of him. It broke down into two on two, but Ax was sent out, and Strike Force hit a double clothesline for a two count. Tito started working the arm on Smash, but Smash got the tag, but Tito caught Ax with an armdrag. They tried to work the arm, and Martel tagged back in. Ax raked his eyes and tagged Smash, but Martel caught him with a hip toss. Tito comes back in, but Smash catches in her a Bearhug and backs into his corner, where Ax nails him with a clothesline.

The crowd is actually behind Demolition here somewhat. It became isolated and ground and pound on Santana. Smash hit a suplex for a two count, but missed an elbow. Ax got the tag and they tried to keep isolated, but Santana hit the Flying Burrito on Ax and got the hot tag. Martel hit a backdrop on Smash, and then hit dropkicks and Polish Hammers on both men. Martel then locked Smash in the Boston Crab. Tito did everything he could to keep Ax out, but then Fuji jumped on the apron. Tito went after him, but Fuji slipped Smash his cane and Ax nailed Martel with it and Smash got the three count! So begins the longest tag team reign in history until last year with the New Day.

Winner: Demolition via pinfall

Then came all the pageantry for the Final. Robin Leach brought out the new title belt, which is the famous black winged eagle belt we all know and love. Bob Uecker is the ring announcer. Vanna White is the timekeeper. Vanna finally obliged Uecker with a kiss on the cheek, which almost sent him into overdrive.

Macho Man Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) vs Millon Dollar Man Ted DiBiase (with Andre The Giant)

Savage and Elizabeth finish the night in white. He popped DiBiase with an elbow to start the match, but Andre reached out and grabbed the leg. The crowd immediately started chanting for Hogan. Savage hit a shoulderblock, but Andre grabbed his leg again. DiBiase missed an elbowdrop, and Savage got some distance. They traded arm ringers, but DiBiase got him in the corner and hit a series of chops, then whipped into a clothesline for a two count. DiBiase went for a sunset flip, but Savage caught him with a punch in the face and hit his own clothesline for a near fall. DiBiase took a break in the corner, then went back on the offense. DiBiase whipped him into a hard back elbow, then slammed his head into the corner. Savage came back with a running elbow, his over the top clothesline, and a high knee that sent him to the floor.

Savage went up top and was looking for the double axhandle, but Andre blocked  his way. Savage then went over and said something to Elizabeth, and she took off to the back. DiBiase then went back on the offense, then hit an elbowdrop and a pair of fistdrops for a two count. DiBiase then locked in the rear chinlock. Meanwhile, Elizabeth reemerged…and had Hulk Hogan with her. He took a chair and sat in it across from Andre. DiBiase was pissed off, and broke the hold. He went back to pounding him in the corner. Dibiase distracted the ref and Andre went to pull him out, but Hogan run around and nailed Andre. Savage then made a comeback, with a series of jabs, but DiBiase raked the eyes and whipped him into a clothesline for a near fall. DiBiase then hit a suplex for a two count, then a gutwrench suplex for a near fall. DiBiase hit a bodyslam and went up top, but Savage slammed him off the top and went for the big top rope elbow, but missed. DiBiase then locked in the Million Dollar Dream. Savage got close to the rope, and Andre tried to pull it away. While the ref was warning Andre, Hogan came and hit DiBiase with a chair! Savage came and hit the big top rope elbow for the win. Savage is the new champion!

Winner: Savage via pinfall

Post match, the three celebrated. Savage famously hoisted Elizabeth on his shoulder with his belt, and Hogan’s hand ended up somewhere it shouldn’t have for a moment. But for now, all is well…

Why This Was the Fifth Worst WrestleMania: This isn’t a bad show per say, it just doesn’t really have anything to recommend it. It’s basically one short match after another with interviews in between. Some of the matches were quite good, but a few were painful to watch. This show is very long for its time (it was two VHS tapes) and unlike nowadays, there was nothing to break the cycle. There’s nothing here that stands out, other than Macho Man and Elizabeth’s outfits. It doesn’t help that the crowd was dead after Hogan vs Andre. This WrestleMania will be remembered as the show between III and V, and the one that got its ass kicked by the Clash of the Champions. Otherwise, this show is just there in history.

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