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Triple H, Your New Champion?




Is there any chance Triple H walks away from Wrestlemania 30 as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Most see a triumphant Daniel Bryan closing the show, standing over his defeated rivals and raising his new championship. If Triple H were to walk away champion, a critical fan base would ramp up their accusations that Hunter’s ego is still very much alive in WWE. Until Monday night, I thought Batista stood a decent chance of winning the title, so Bryan’s chase could continue past Mania. Now that Triple H is in the mix, everything changes. Triple H, the COO, still sees Triple H, the wrestler, as a main event talent worthy of carrying a story. And fair enough; this heel character has been some of Triple H’s best villainy. Is there a title run in the plans for that character? Fans might not like the answer.

Triple H could become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania; it’s very possible. If there was ever a thought in giving Batista the gold to feud with Daniel Bryan, a better possibility has now been inserted. Batista seems set up to find his whiny, stuck up heel personality that made him a top heel in the company during his prime. He could do that with anyone, in theory. Orton’s run as champion is up; I think we can all agree on that. That leaves Daniel Bryan and Triple H in a closer decision than meets the eye (The Scooby-Doo cover predicted a HHH victory, after all).

I fully believe Daniel Bryan to be in the main event at Wrestlemania. I would even put my money on him beating Triple H in their singles match. But Triple H is the COO (the on-screen COO for this conversation), and could put himself in any match he wants; even if he lost the preceding stipulation match. In other words, Bryan could win and the main event could become a fatal four-way. Or, Bryan could lose via screw-job and Shane McMahon, Hulk Hogan, or another swerve could put him in the main event (This is very unlikely, but I cannot go through one WM30 piece without mentioning Shane-O Mac). Even if this all ends up being crazy talk, and Bryan walks out as the new champ, don’t expect Triple H to lay down quietly. He will be involved in this main event somehow, and it could easily be as a wrestler.

The main point with all of this is to sit back and relax until Wrestlemania goes off the air. If Triple H closes the show as champion, wait until the following Monday night, or the following week. Maybe his title reign wouldn’t last two days, who knows? If members of the YES Movement think Bryan defeating Orton and Batista for the championship would be a defining moment, imagine that moment if he defeats Triple H for the title instead. He’d beat The Authority, a legend, and the one man who has stood in his way this entire time. That would be full-circle retribution, and WWE loves telling those stories. Daniel Bryan pinning Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would be a Wrestlemania moment; it just might not happen at Wrestlemania. Patience is key on the road to Wrestlemania, because your next WWE World Heavyweight Champion could be the Chief Operating Officer.

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