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TUF 19: Tim Williams versus Dhiego Lima preview and prediction



dhiegoteamedgarIf White is unhappy with this fight he will most likely have BJ Penn to blame. Apparently, Penn is coaching his fighters to win their fights not necessarily engage in exciting ones. After coaching Daniel Spohn to a win the first week with a conservative game plan he is set to do it again.

White had expectations of an exciting fight between Spohn and Todd Monaghan. Spohn was coming off of one of the nastiest knockouts in TUF history to get into the house. Penn and his coaches thought that Monaghan would look for a standup fight and would not be ready to stop the takedown.

That is exactly what happened as Spohn worked the game plan flawlessly and came away with the methodical win.

Based on the film study for this week Penn has come up with another game plan geared towards winning and has nothing to do with being exciting.

On the TUF part of FS1’s site they put up a little bit of the film study for each fighter. It is them sitting down watching some film and devising a game plan for the fight. It is great insight to how they game plan for their fights.

You can also find them on the new UFC fan app.

This week, both Williams and Lima chose to watch Lima’s fight to get into the house against Adam Stroup. He showed some nice striking in that fight. That is an area of strength for him but he also has a nice ground game as well.

In his fight with Ricky Rainey at XFC 25 last September he needed all of his skills to take a tough SD. It was a back and forth fight that was fought all over the cage.

That decision could have gone either way and may hold a few clues for this fight.

In Williams’ fight to get in the house he defeated Bojan Velickovic via a third round TKO. Velickovic took the first round and then Williams came back in the second. At the start of the third round Velickovic was exhausted and Williams got the finish.

In this matchup, Lima has more pure power and better hand speed. In the fight with Rainey he also displayed some nice kicks. They did cause him some problems in that fight. Rainey was able to catch them at times or counter them with punches. Lima will drop his hands at times when he throws kicks leaving him open to counters.

Williams showed a lot of resiliency and toughness in his fight. He also has a lot better cardio than Velickovic but that may have had more to do with Velickovic’s pre-fight activities with his girlfriend than Williams; though Williams was still fresh going into the third round of that fight.

Cardio and game plan might be the keys to Williams winning this fight.

Williams cannot just stand and trade with Lima. That will be the easiest way to lose this fight. Williams is a little bigger as he naturally fights at middleweight, and Lima normally competes at welterweight. He is a big welterweight. These days in MMA that makes you a small middleweight.

Penn’s game plan for Williams calls for him to push Lima up against the cage and wear him out to negate the hand speed and power. Lima is a good grappler but this was an area on the Rainey fight in which him struggled at times.

This should be an interesting fight. Look for Lima to come out hard early with his striking. He usually works the different levels and will go for a takedown.

Lima talked about wanting to use his kicks in this fight. This could cause problems for him as Williams can use them to get a takedown or counter over the top with his punches.

Williams should be able to implement Penn’s plan to wear Lima down and grind out a victory.

It would be a bit of an upset as many people are picking Lima to win the middleweight division on TUF this season. I like Williams to get the upset by decision.

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