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TUF Brazil 3 Finale live play-by-play



Up first is Pedro Munhoz vs Matt Hobar

Round 1: This should be a fun fight between RFA and Legacy alums. Both fighters look good on their feet until a huge head kick from Munhoz has Hobar in trouble. A testament to his toughness he survived that head kick and subsequent submission attempt. Munhoz is looking sharp and gets the finish on the ground. A nice return to Brazil for Munhoz. He showed his strong finishing skills getting the TKO via ground and pound.

Winner Munhoz via 1st Round TKO

Munhoz is a complete mixed martial artist and is dangerous everywhere. Look for big things from him in the future. This time next year and he could easily be fighting for a title. I would love to see him against Iuri Alcantara who also won impressively earlier.

Up next is Marcos Rogerio De Lima vs Richardson Moreira 

Round 1: And Boom! It is over that quickly as De Lima landed a straight right hand that knocked Moreira out of the picture. One strike on the ground and it was all over. It was a beautiful strike off the clinch to get the win for De Lima.

Winner De Lima via 1st Round KO.

Up next on this fast moving card is Richard Abreu vs Wagner Silva 

Round1: A strong round from Abreu who landed several overhand rights. Silva was lucky to survive it.

Round 2: Abreu comes out fast to start the round. Silva’s corner wants him to wear Abreu but he is in trouble quickly. Silva got caught with a right hand/forearm as Silva was rushing in. Abreu quickly got the RNC when they went to the ground.

Winner Abreu via 2nd Round RNC

That concludes the Fight Pass portion of the card and we now move to Fox Sports 1 for the rest of the fights. Up first is Kevin Souza vs Mark Eddiva

Round 1: Souza has great boxing and Brian Stann notes that he has a tremendous reach advantage. Eddiva is going to have a tough time against the quick hands of Souza. But he gets Souza in trouble early and is on top of Souza on the ground. Eddiva is scoring with some nice ground and pound. Eddiva is in the guard and Souza goes for a triangle but Eddiva slips out of it. It is Eddiva’s round half way through it. Souza pushes him up and off of him and they are back to their feet. Souza lands a nice left hand and right hook that shook Eddiva. Souza is finding his range. He will drop Eddiva soon. Eddiva leg kick and then a right hand wobbles Eddiva who catches Souza who is now wobbly himself. They are both bombing away and landing Souza is bloody as the round ends.

Round 2: It is hard to believe this will get out of this round as these two are just throwing down. Eddiva comes out with a leg and then a body kick. Eddiva fighting very smartly to start the round and is picking Souza a part with the leg and body kicks. Souza is starting to show the effects of the leg kicks. He is also slowed down from the high pace of the first round. Eddiva just missed a headkick and Stann notes how low Souza’s left hand is leaving him vulnerable to a head kick. Eddiva is the fresher looking fighter and is taking this round. Souza is now looking to wait and counter instead of pressuring Eddiva. He is also moving slower and more gingerly on his legs. Souza finds his range quickly and lands three straight hard shots. He peppers away a hard right to the body then back to the head Souza teeing off and Herb Dean moves in to stop the fight with just 12 seconds left in the round. Souza took control quickly and got the finish once he glimpsed it.

Winner Souza via 2nd Round TKO

Paulo Thiago vs Gasan Umalatov up next

Round 1: Thiago lands a hard outside leg kick. Umalatov is not landing much but he is also confusing Thiago who is tentative. Leg kick from Umalatov and Thiago throws a counter right hand neither lands solidly. They clinch up half way through the round. Umalatov has Thiago against the fence. Thiago lands a knee to the body after more grappling the referee separates them. A right to the body and left hook to the head from Umalatov has Thiago going for a takedown. Umalatov stops it and has Thiago in headlock. They are back to their feet with Umalatov putting him back on the fence. A close grueling round.

10-9 Umalatov

Round 2: Thiago’s corner wants him start using his combos and not single strikes. Thiago is more aggressive to start the round. A left hook from Umalatov rocks Thiago and he follows it up with another left and again Thiago goes for the takedown. Umalatov gets the better position and Thiago does well to get back to his feet. They are tied together and they finally break apart. Thiago is breathing heavily. A spinning back kick to the body from Thiago. After some cautious inaction Thiago throws a wild right and dives in for the takedown behind it. Umalatov easily stops it and he is the better grappler so far in this fight. Thiago is losing this round as well and will likely be down 0-2 in rounds going into the third. Thiago finally gets a takedown and lands some right hands as the round ended may have stolen the round, he did not but you never know with the judges.

10-9 Umalatov

Round 3: Thiago is cautious to start the round and Umalatov seems a little tired himself. It is a slower pace to start the round after two grueling ones. Their punches look a little like they are being thrown underwater now. Neither fighter is really showing much urgency and it could come down to this round.  2 minutes left in the fight and it has been a very inactive round for both fighters. Thiago doing more just by being more aggressive and active. A good body kick from Thiago the best strike of the round but that is it. Umalatov goes for a takedown and grinds Thiago down to the ground in a front headlock position.Thiago frees himself they each land a nice right hand.

10-9 Thiago

We will see what the judges think I have it 29-28 Umalatov. They come back with scores of 30-27 twice and a 29-28 for Umalatov.

Winner Umalatov via a three round UD

Up next Elias Silverio vs Ernest Chavez

Round 1: Silverio is having a little trouble with the gritty Chavez who is surprising him in the standup. Silverio goes for a takedown and it is stuffed by Chavez. Silverio a shot straight to Chavez’ precious man parts. He recovers quickly and they are back at it. In the clinch Silverio lands some knees. Chavez dances around darting in and out. Silverio is trying to find some rhythm and timing and he does with a right hand that shakes Chavez. Silverio is getting comfortable and Chavez smartly engages a clinch.  A tough round to score really could go either way. Lean a little towards Chavez.

10-9 Chavez

Round 2:  They start out and Silverio is getting the range down and lands a kick early and a couple of punches which forces Chavez to go for the clinch again. Chavez’ movement is not the same in this round as he significantly slowed down. Silverio’s kicks are having a lot to do with that as he repeatedly finding his legs and body with them. Two more kicks to the body from Silverio. Chavez is still fighting back but Silverio is taking this round. A big body shot stuns Chavez who somehow survives the round. Easily Silverio’s round.

10-9 Silverio

Round 3: This round starts out with Silverio using his hands and avoiding the kicks and Chavez is doing better to start the round. Silverio finds Chavez’ groin again and after the break is has found his rhythm again. Chavez is relentless though and keeps coming forward and ties Silverio up in a clinch against the cage. They break apart and Chavez lands a nice combo. It is a better round for Chavez. Silverio goes for a takedown and gets it by taking Chavez’ back. Hooks are in. Quickly under the chin and gets the tap.

Winner Silverio via 3rd Round RNC

Up next is Rodrigo Damm vs Rashid Magomedov

Round 1: The action starts with Magomedov using leg kicks. Damm is waiting and looking for an opening. They both are using a lot of fakes and feints. Magomedov is really targeting the legs and now going to the body with one. Damm comes back with a front kick of his own.  Another solid body kick from Magomedov. Damm switching stances back and forth but not finding an opening. Magomedov is now starting to bring the kicks up high that just misses that moments later back to the body with another solid one. Damm lands a solid counter left hook but it is just a single strike. Magomedov is easily winning the round. A right hand from Magomedov drops Damm who stays down trying to draw Magomedov down to the ground.  They stay there and Magomedov is content to score with kicks to the legs. Easy round for Magomedov.

10-9 Magomedov

Round 2: Damm has to figure out a way to get the fight to the ground has Magomedov is still having his way with the striking. He is dominating the distance with his leg and body kicks. Magomedov just picks him a part with the kicks finally Damm lands a hard leg kick of his own. But everything is a single strike with him right now. Magomedov mixes in his hands now as Damm is coming in a little more open as he tries to find something. Magomedov is mixing up levels nicely and using both his punches and kicks. Damm finally shows a little life with a little more than a minute left in the round. Damm needs to do something as he is losing another round. Finally a takedown attempt with 30 seconds left in the round and he cannot complete it as Magomedov easily avoids it and takes the round.

10-9 Magomedov

Round 3: Damm needs to get a finish if he wants to get a win. His corner is crazy if they think he has won a round. Magomedov has slowed down a little but Damm does not have much. He goes for the takedown but again cannot get it. He spent a lot of time going for a takedown and being satisfied with just holding on. Magomedov again is doing better with the striking Damm trying to land a big shot and does connect with a right hand but that is it. They go back and forth and Brian Stann notes that Damm is throwing the right awkwardly and may have broke it. A much closer round that Damm narrowly wins.

10-9 Damm

We will see what the judges say I have 29-28 Magomedov

Winner Magomedov via a three round UD 30-27

Up next is Rony Jason vs Robbie Peralta

Round 1: Peralta starts out working the leg kicks. They go through a feeling out process and Peralta pushes him against the cage. They stay there for a bit and Jason gets a trip and almost gets Peralta’s back but he is able to scramble away. Jason lands a solid spinning back elbow that Peralta eats. A little later he gets Jason against the cage and is not able to do anything with it again and avoids another throw from Jason. Peralta is tripped by Jason who then lands a right hand as he gets up. A nasty leg kick from Peralta. Some crazy action to finish the round Peralta gets the better of it in a close round.

10-9 Peralta

Round 2: Expect more action in this round. They both are more comfortable and swinging a little freer. Jason’s face shows a little swelling under his right eye. Jason just misses with a spinning kick. Peralta blitzes him with a flurry and Jason survives and ties him up. He is able to get the takedown and is in half-guard. Peralta is defending and rolls over into Jason’s guard. Jason goes for a triangle/armbar combo and Peralta powers out of it. Jason lays on his back while Peralta kicks away at Jason’s legs and then they are back to their feet. A kick to the body from Peralta. Jason responds and a three strike combo sends Jason sprawling backwards across the cage. A leg kick from Peralta as the round is winding down. Jason lands a overhand right and they explode into action to the end the round Jason lands a spinning back elbow and several big strikes while Peralta landed ten or twelve big shots himself as the close out a strong round filled with action.

10-9 Peralta

Round 3: Jason is excited to start the round and has to be stopped by the referee. You get the feeling that this might not see the end of the round as they both are throwing big strikes. Peralta gets poked in the eye and action comes to a halt. While going through how many fingers the referee gives Peralta the middle finger. Jason goes to the body and then tries a flying knee/punch that Peralta avoids. He ties him up and they end up against the cage. A nice knee from Jason. Peralta reverses it a trip from Jason and Peralta back to his feet quickly. Jason gets a takedown in the closing seconds but cannot do anything with it and Peralta reverses it and the very end of the round. A close round but Peralta does a little more.

10-9 Peralta

See what the judges say could see scores of 30-27 to 29-28 for Peralta or even a 29-28 for Jason. A split decision with some crazy scores 29-28 and 30-27 for Peralta and one judge had it 30-27 for Jason.

Up next is Demian Maia vs Alexander Yakovlev 

Round 1: They start out both being patient as Maia is forcing the takedown and Yakovlev is looking for a tricking opening. He is using good movement to maintain a distance. Maia rocks him and drops him. Maia wastes no time in going down to the ground into the mount. Yakovlev trying to stop Maia from doing anything. Maia is methodical and dropping elbows. Yakovlev is in a lot of trouble. Maia is fighting very smartly learning the lessons from his past mistakes. It is how you evolve as a fighter. Yakovlev has done well to survive the round.

10-9 Maia 

Round 2: Yakovlev is doing everything he can to not be taken down. He is keeping quite a distance between them. He tries blitzing in but lands nothing cleanly. Then a surprising takedown attempt from Yakovlev who is stuffed and Maia uses it to get the takedown. He does not take long to get into the mount again. After several minutes Yakovlev reverses gets out and puts Maia on the defensive. A tough round to score Maia probably takes it.

10-9 Maia

Round 3: Yakovlev has been surprisingly resilient and comes out firing leg kicks. He wades in and starts throwing bombs and he takes Maia to the ground and then lets him back up. A back to the leg kicks but could come up top with it soon as Maia continues to hold his hands low. Maia also seems to be more tired. Yakovlev lands a nice combo but he needs to bring some urgency if he wants the finish and Maia gets another trip takedown into mount. Yakovlev needs to do something quickly cannot stay here long. Maia being very careful landing nice short elbows. Time is winding down now under two minutes left in the fight. Yakovlev struggles to find a way out and Maia is negating everything so far. Now just a minute left to find a way out and get a desperate finish. He struggles some more gets to half-guard for a moment then back to mount for Maia. Yakovlev survives the round but that is all he did as Maia takes the round and the fight. Impressive debut though for Yakovlev.

10-9 Maia

It is off to the judges it has to be Maia either 30-27 or 29-28.

Winner Maia via three Round UD 30-27

Up next is Marcio Alexandre vs Warlley Alves

Round 1: They are both undefeated entering this fight. Alves lands a big right hand that sends Alexandre down to the canvas and they work their way back to their feet. Alves holds him against the cage and Alexandre finally breaks free for just a moment. Alves gets him back against the cage after some work gets the takedown right into side mount. Alexandre works back to his feet again but cannot break free. Alves holds him against the cage again. They are separated and Alves is the aggressor in the fight so far and his fighting his fight. Again, hecloses the distance, into a clinch and gets the takedown. Once again Alexandre gets back up but canon separate and that is how the round ends.

10-9 Alves

Round 2: Alexandre needs to keep some distance or he will quickly be down another round. Alves again does a great job using his strikes to get inside and gets another takedown. A pattern is starting to emerge as Alves is able to dictate the fight so far. He is able to work some ground and pound now and Alexandre is starting to wear down. In the first round he was able to get up much easier. He is finally able to get to his feet. Alves slips a punch and gets inside to pin Alexandre against the cage and is working for another takedown. They are again separated. Alexandre is very defensive he finally throws a nice body kick which Alves eats and uses to get another takedown. Back up to their feet against the cage again. Alexandre is dropping another round.

10-9 Alves 

Round 3:  Alexandre needs a finish in this round.  They hug to start the round.  Alexandre does not seem comfortable at all and Alves uses a solid counter right hand to rock Alexandre and then finishes it with a quick slick guillotine choke.

Winner Alves via Guillotine Choke in the 3rd Round

Up next is  Vitor Miranda vs Antonio Carlos Jr.

Round 1: The other TUF Brazil finale. The big boys are going at it.  Carlos Jr. strikes his way into a clinch and holds him against the fence working for a takedown. That is slowed down by Carlos Jr.’s knee finding Miranda’s precious man parts. Miranda is working to keep his distance Carlos Jr. throwing bombs and landing a couple up top and to the body. Uses it to get a takedown. Miranda works his ways back to his feet but can’t separate. Down again then back up and finally Miranda breaks free but eats an elbow in the process. Leg kicks from Miranda and Carlos Jr. checks them.  Miranda trying to find an opening and Carlos Jr. lands a left up top and a hard right body kick. Miranda wide on a front kick. Carlos Jr. is looking sharp in the first round. A nice kick to the body from Miranda.

10-9 Carlos Jr.

Round 2: Miranda needs to get busy. He comes out with a leg kick. He tries to throw another one behind several jabs and Carlos Jr. catches it and gets the takedown. He is quickly in half-guard and working his way to the mount. Miranda is in trouble,  Carlos Jr. is working methodically in the mount and quickly transitions to side control and Miranda gets it back to his half-guard. Carlos Jr. goes for a heel hook and Miranda defends and uses it to get back up. Carlos Jr. stays down and Miranda throws a few leg kicks and elects to go down into Carlos Jr.’s guard. Miranda drops a few elbows to the head and then to the legs of Carlos Jr. as well. They are back to their feet and they stay in a clinch some nice knees from Miranda.  Carlos Jr. lands a nice combo and attempts another takedown to end the round. A very close one could go either way.

10-9 Carlos Jr.

Round 3: Carlos Jr. comes out aggressive. Miranda goes for another leg kick and Carlos Jr. times it to get the takedown. Miranda is working hard to get back to his feet and as he does Carlos Jr. gets another takedown. This time in the middle of the cage and Miranda needs to get back up to his feet. Carlos Jr. is controlling him and working to pass. He works to side control. Back into guard and he drops some ground and pound down on Miranda. Time is running out on Miranda who is going to need to finish. He gets up goes for a judo throw and Carlos Jr. gets his back. Now into the mount and drops some bombs down as the fight slips away from Miranda.

10-9 Carlos Jr.

Now off to the judges but it should be an easy one to score.

The winner is Carlos Jr. via a three round UD 30-27 twice and one 29-28

Up next is the main event between Stipe Miocic vs Fabio Maldonado

Round 1: Big props to Maldonado for taking this fight on short notice. Maldonado comes out wild and eats a big left hand and covers up. A big right hand from Stipe and this fight is over. Maldonado quickly proves he is a light heavyweight.

Winner is Miocic via quick 1st round TKO

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