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Two title matches booked for WWE Battleground



Two titles matches were booked for WWE’s next Smackdown Live exclusive PPV event on tonight’s episode of the program.

In a rematch of their Money in the Bank match that ended with the champs walking out on the challengers, Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos will once again defend their titles against The New Day. Also of note, both teams will compete in a ‘Rap Off’ on next week’s episode of Smackdown Live.

For the first time in nearly a decade, a Punjabi Prison Match will take place on WWE programming. The last time this stipulation was put into effect was when The Great Khali took on Batista at the No Mercy PPV in 2007.

via Wiki:

The Punjabi Prison match, named after the Punjab state that The Great Khali (the match’s founder) is billed from, consists of two large bamboo cages. The first being four sided and standing 16 feet (4.8 m) tall, while the second has eight sides and stands 20 feet (6 m) surrounding the first.[80]

The inner cage has a four foot (1.2 m) by four foot door on each of its sides, with a referee standing by to open them at a wrestler’s request. Each door may only be opened once and is only allowed to remain open for sixty seconds, after which it is padlocked. Should all four doors end up locked before the wrestlers escape, they are forced to climb out over the top, where the bamboo is fashioned into spikes. Between the two cages are sometimes placed two tables, on which are weapons (both “medieval” and “bamboo” variations of standard wrestling weapons). Once a wrestler has escaped the first cage, he must climb over and out of the second cage, with the first wrestler having both of their feet touch the arena floor is the winner of the match.

This time around, current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal will defend his title against Randy Orton. In order to win the match, one man will have to escape both of the bamboo cages to step foot on the ground.

WWE Battleground is scheduled to take place on July 23rd out of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. 

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