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Fight Capsule: B.J. Penn vs. Nick Diaz



After a competitive first round between two seasoned warriors of the sport, Nick Diaz decided to treat B.J. Penn’s head and body like a swaying heavy bag.

Diaz returns to competition next month after an extended lay off in a middleweight PPV main event against the former 10-time defending UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Silva-Diaz will look nothing like Penn-Diaz, that is for sure. Enjoying the brilliance of Nick’s striking never grows old though. Anyone standing across from him not named B.J. Penn on this night likely crumbles after one, or three of those brilliant barrages against the cage. Enjoy the full replay below.

Silva versus Diaz goes down on PPV inside of the Fight City, Nevada’s MGM Grand Garden Arena, the same city where both men were spotted going a collective 0-3 during the year of 2013. Who gets the much needed comeback victory on January 31st? Don’t be scared to sound off below.

“Where you at, Georges?”

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