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UFC 168 ‘Weidman vs. Silva II’ pre-fight press conference notes and quotes




The MGM Grand in Fight City, Nevada was the setting for the final UFC pre-fight press conference of the year and as advertised – it was a memorable one.

Below you’ll find some cliff notes from the presser along with the full video.

• The dais from left to right on your screen: Barnett, Rousey, Weidman – Dana White behind the podium – Anderson Silva, Miesha Tate , Travie Browne

• Weidman feels great. Had a lot less on his plate during this amp compared to his last one. “For this camp there’s zero question marks. Zero reasons why I lose this fight.”

• “GSP is kinda right in that there’s simplicity in the struggle and there’s complexity in success.” – Ronda

• Is it just me or is it surreal seeing Anderson on the other side of the dais without the belt in front of him.

• Anderson is rocking the goat he rocked for the Vitor fight.

• “It’s very hard at one point to be the fighter and the coach.” – Anderson on his changes to his camp for this fight.

• “I think so. As much as this sport is physical – it’s more mental and emotional. I think as a fighter, for me, I had to learn that the hard way…..the mistake that I made was a physical mistake but it was because I was out of my element emotionally and mentally. I think that now that I’ve corrected that – it won’t happen again.” – Miesha on defending the Rouseybar.

• “Of course I’m coming back.” – Anderson on retirement

• Anderson in great spirits having a good time with Dana through his answers.

• I have still have eight fights left in my contract, and as long as I’m still enjoying and I still wanna have that desire to go out and fight I’m gonna keep on fighting. If I’m gonna retire there’s no way to say that right now, that’s something that’s going to come from the heart.” – Anderson on his future.

• You learn what your about as a man, or as a woman in this sport. There’s nobody else to blame but yourself. So what you see is what you get and it’s 100% real and honest. I learned a lot about myself but I already knew that about myself – I just proved it to everyone else.” – Browne on what he learned from weathering the Reem storm.

• ‘Hapa’ is very humble. Heavy emphasis on him still being the young student with so much more to learn.

• “The pressures there and in a few days the pressure is all gonna be back with me.” Anderson is confident he will deal with the pressure of being a champion again come Saturday night.

• “No lack of motivation at all. Anderson Silva is known as the greatest of all-time,” Weidman claims. “Going into the first fight it was a dream come true to fight him. A fight that I was dreaming about happening since I got into mixed martial arts,” the champ continues. “And I knew if I was to beat him, we were gonna have a rematch…and here it is. So my dream is not complete. I gotta beat him on Saturday. So no lack of motivation at all.”

• “How do I think he’s gonna be different? That’s a question for him. I have no idea, I have no idea. And I don’t really care to be honest. That’s up to him.” – Weidman after being asked how Anderson  is going to be different in this fight from their first meeting.

• Dana reiterates that Vitor is the #1 contender for the winner of this fight.

• Weidman’s wants to prove to all of the doubters that this is his belt and he’s going to be here for a long time.

• Rousey is flattered that she is getting love from the Latin fanbase. She’s happy to regain that connection through her latina roots.

• “What’s most important is to be here in the UFC and fighting for my fans and everything else is just a consequence.” – Anderson playing the role of the company man when asked if beating Weidman or getting his belt back is more important to him.

• Being from the Pacific Northwest, we have the giant Pacific Octopus. So we put some gloves on one of those and just sort of hopped it up on a bunch of Xyience and spun it around the ring at me. I figured it couldn’t be anymore unusual than that….” – Barnett on preparing for Travis’ unusual striking style.

• Barnett gives respect to Browne’s beard and continues with the Octopus bit. Browne is not impressed.

• “I thank my opponent and I thank Dana for making this happen again.” – Anderson on Saturday nights rematch.

• Dana admits that he doesn’t have any Jedi mind tricks when it comes to making guys who quasi-retire come back for rematches.

• “…at the end of the day it’s just great fights and great fighters.” – Barnett on girls and boys competing in MMA. It’s silly that people still have this WMMA stigma. Barnett nails it in once simple sentence.

• Plans for the winner of Browne vs. Barnett taking on Werdum are a go as of now.

• If questioned, Josh owns any presser. Browne acknowledges this.

• “I know there’s definitely a lot of angry Brazilians ready for me after this fight and I’m ready to take them on. Love Brazil though.” – Weidman on the Jacare’s, Machida’s and Belfort’s that will be calling him out if he defeats Anderson on Saturday night.

• Barnett answers Mike Chiappetta’s kind of run of the mill “how do you feel about being ‘old’ and still fighting” question like this – “I don’t get that frustrated as long as the wheels on my walker are greased. I’m good. I’m looking forward that I can eat my dinner at 5 and get it for a discounted rate.” Barnett continues to kill it. He has everyone on the dais chuckling.

• Weidman offers Silva the belt a la’ Silva offering Weidman the belt at the 162 pre-fight presser. Silva doesn’t accept.

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