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UFC 189 ‘Aldo vs. McGregor’ world tour ends with a classic belt swipe, intense staredown, and hilarious madness




The craziest press tour in the history of combat sports that began in the champion Jose Aldo’s hometown of Rio de Janeiro 12 days ago ended in the hometown of the challenger, Dublin, Ireland, earlier today. And it was pure chaos.

For Conor McGregor, today was his homecoming party. For Aldo, it was the end of a long grueling tour that couldn’t have ended any sooner. McGregor has brought a circus type atmosphere to the tour, a tour which began 12 days ago on Aldo’s stomping grounds with McGregor calling himself the “King of Rio,” ahead of UFC Fight Night in Brazil the Saturday before last. Aldo didn’t take to kindly, to say the least.

Earlier today in Dublin, Aldo would fire back with one of his better lines on the press tour. “I came here, I’m the king of Dublin. When I got here it was raining, but I brought the sun with me,” Aldo confessed. This set McGregor off and led to him swiping Aldo’s belt, the one they’ll be fighting for on July 11th on neutral ground.

Aldo looked dejected, almost defeated, for the remainder of the event, at least until the staredown. That was when you could see the fire in both men’s eyes.

Aldo has done everything he can to hold himself back. He’s clearly been annoyed with McGregor since day one. But he knows if he explodes there will be no pay off for him. He’s saving it for the cage. McGregor on the other hand is a master of mental warfare. Will the game he’s played before the two men do battle have anything to do with the outcome? That remains to be seen. What’s even more intriguing than what has been an incredibly entertaining past week and a half of press is how these two match up stylistically. Couple that with two countries ready to go to war for their respective hometown hero when they enter the cage on July 11th and you have the biggest of the summer. It simply cannot come soon enough.

Below is the full replay of today’s presser that took place in Dublin. While I do recommend that you watch it in full, go ahead and fast forward to around the 8:50 marker for the belt swiping incident and 46:20 for the staredown if you’re on a tight schedule.

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