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UFC 200 Fight Preview: Gegard Mousasi vs. Thiago Santos



Thiago Santos found his way into the UFC via the The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Season 2 show.  He has done well since arriving and is currently enjoying a four fight winning streak.  He is 5-2 in the UFC and has looked really good at times. His standup game is on point, and he will look to damage Mousasi with kicks and punches. He brings a well rounded game into the Octagon, and if we were to win over Mousasi, it would be huge for his career.

Gegard Mousasi is a bit of an enigma at times. There are nights where he looks like he’s the best in the world.  There are other nights where he looks, well, rather pedestrian.  I’ve long been a fan of his, I like his stoic demeanor and how well rounded his game is.  Gegard has always been considered a fighter on the edge of doing amazing things, and a win here will help him climb the rankings.

Mousasi has all the necessary skills needed to win this fight.  He has standup, wrestling and submissions, as well as good defense.  However, if he starts off too slowly, and lackadaisical, he could find himself in hot water.  Santos will be coming out of his corner looking to blast away, and Mousasi better be ready.  You can send the judges to the snack bar during this fight, they won’t be needed.  In end, expect Mousasi to get the better of Santos for a couple of rounds, before finishing him via TKO.

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