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UFC 200 Fight Preview: Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar 2



It’s the Fourth of July as I write this, so forgive me if I’m leaning towards picking Frankie Edgar. I mean, outside of Dan Henderson, who is more American than Frankie Edgar? Just typing this intro, I’ve already got Born in the USA playing in my mind. These two are fighting for the belt Conor left behind on his journey into losing multiple fights to Nate Diaz. Yes, I said it. Multiple. I am genuinely unsure how this will go. Aldo looked like the world beater for years, but he is coming off of an embarrassing 13-second KO loss to McGregor. It’s not easy to figure out how he’ll come back from that. Frankie will show up in shape, and ready for war, he always does.

I like Jose Aldo, always have. I like his style, his in ring ability and the fact he’s never been afraid to speak his mind about what he thinks regarding fighter pay, Reebok, etc. He beat Frankie Edgar back in 2013, but that feels like a lifetime ago. He has always had great standup, kicks, wrestling and submissions. If you go by what he brought to the table during his perfect 7-0 start in the UFC, he’s a lock. He and Frankie are nearly dead even at the sportsbook, and it seems like nobody knows what to expect from Aldo this time.

Jose Aldo
UFC Record: 7-1
MMA Record: 25-2

Noteable Wins:
Chad Mendes x 2 (KO, UD – 1.14.12, 10.25.14)
Frankie Edgar (UD – 2.2.13)
Urijah Faber (UD – 4.24.10)

Also of Note:
7-time defending featherweight champion
18-fight unbeaten streak from 2006-2014
Former #1 Ranked P4P Mixed Martial Artist

Frankie Edgar
UFC Record: 14-1
MMA Record: 20-4-1

Noteable Wins:
Chad Mendes (KO, 12.11.15)
BJ Penn x 3 (UD x 2, TKO – 4.10.10, 8.28.10, 7.6.14)
Gray Maynard (KO, 10.8.11)

Also of Note:
2-time defending UFC lightweight champion
10-time UFC bonus winner

Frankie Edgar is the truest definition of tough. He’s durable, stubborn, and just doesn’t know how to quit. It’s an amazing quality to have as a fighter. He’s never been stopped during a fight. His four career losses all have come via decision. He’s lost to Aldo, Ben Henderson (twice) and Gray Maynard back in 2008. His two losses to Ben Henderson were for the Lightweight Championship. His only loss at 145 pounds, has come at the hands of Aldo. What does Frankie do well? In a word, everything. His best chance at winning this fight though, will likely be wrestling.

I don’t know who’s going to win, I mean, duh, I never KNOW who’s going to win. That said, I really don’t know who’s going to win this. My head says Aldo wins, my heart says Edgar. I mean, he’s so deserving. I think Aldo holds an advantage standing and Edgar holds the wrestling edge. Edgar could control Aldo along the fence, and if he can, he can win the fight. I think that Edgar will fight his ass off, but he’ll get the worse of the exchanges, and Aldo will prove to crafty to be held in place and win a decision and put the belt back around his waist.

Dan has been writing about the sport of MMA for the last 15+ years. During this time, he's met amazing fighters, and awesome friends sitting cage-side covering MMA. The memories and relationships are payment for his passion. Dan got his start as a featured writer for and now serves as owner and co-host with Evan Shoman and Dion Harrison of The Crimson Canvas Podcast, on the Fight Booth Podcast network. Dan is also a part time contributor to with pro wrestling, and MMA articles. He thanks Dave Reno for the opportunity and for years of friendship and support.

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