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UFC 203: Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne 2 Highlights



This may have been one of the strangest fights in UFC history. Werdum landed an insane flying kick (fast forward to the 2:08 marker) that legitimately could’ve scored him the fastest KO in UFC history to kick things off.

Later on in the 1st, referee Gary Copeland made what will go down as the biggest blunder of his career by allowing Travis Browne to call injury timeout after his finger got mangled in an exchange with Werdum. The second Browne turned his back and started pointing to his finger the fight would’ve been called if a competent referee was involved. A TKO victory due to injury should’ve been awarded to Browne and the show goes on. Instead, in one of the most bizarre sequences in a bizarre night, Copeland had the doctor check Browne’s finger, click here if you dare, the doctor actually let the match continue and more madness ensued.

To cap off the rest of the match in a nutshell, Browne punched the air for the rest of the fight, Werdum did a bunch of somersaults, the crowd got restless and Werdum was awarded a unanimous decision.

Before the decision was announced, Browne’s trainer, Edmund Tarverdyan, shouted some explicit words at Werdum which upset Werdum enough to make him throw a kick at him. All in all, there will be no need for the circus to visit Cleveland for a while after this fight.

Browne finger image via FOXSports

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