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UFC 205: Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor – The Final Preview



This is the big one. The main event on a card that is being touted as the greatest of all-time. On paper, it certainly has the look of it. Even with two fights being removed this week (Evans-Kennedy, Cerrone-Gastelum) we’re still looking at the most stacked card in UFC history. This is the card that will wash away the disappointment of UFC 200.

MMA is the most beautiful sport in the world. It’s reached its pinnacle and it will finally touch down in New York City for the first time later on tonight. So, what in the Sam Hell are we waiting for? We don’t have much time left. It’s beyond time to dig into the main event. After all, we’re fighting for history.

Let’s start by talking about McGregor’s “rock back left”. Alvarez said the following on the MMA Roasted podcast and I feel like it’s a very important quote (transcribed by Jose Youngs of FanSided) as we sit just one sleep away from this fight if you haven’t heard it or read it yet.

“To me, he’s just a left hand. He’s just a guy with a left hand. That’s how I see him. He does something that we call a ‘rock back’ well. Mayweather does it. A lot of Philly fighters do it. McGregor lives and breathes off it. A lot of MMA guys don’t know about these boxing things that they do. This is a move that’s very easily taken away and we’re going to dominate every step of the way.”

This left hand that Alvarez speaks of was responsible for ending the reign of the most dominant featherweight fighter of all-time with just one punch. It was also responsible for knocking down Nate Diaz and many other men you’ll see on a highlight reel that is still in the making. While Alvarez will surely come into the octagon feeling confident that his camp has prepared him to do everything in their power to avoid McGregor’s laser left, they’ve also played their hand by even acknowledging it. McGregor and his team (led by coach and ‘best selling author’ John Kavanagh) are perfectly capable of finding different ways to set up that ‘rock back’ left to get them where they need to go. And as a wise man once said – ‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth’.

Speaking of getting punched in the mouth, Eddie Alvarez has taken a lot of punishment since making his pro MMA debut in Elizabeth, New Jersey all the way back in 2003. Some will say that an Eddie Alvarez fight doesn’t start until the self proclaimed ‘Underground King’ gets wobbled. That’s when he’s at his best. In recent years, his rivalry with Michael Chandler only further proved that his fighting heart (and chin) is amongst the strongest in the game.

For years, Gilbert Melendez and Eddie Alvarez were the two guys that the UFC needed to make their UFC lightweight division complete. When Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez finally made his UFC debut, he was rewarded with an immediate title shot against then world champ Benson Henderson. Melendez would come up short not only against Henderson, but also against Anthony Pettis, in his second shot at the lightweight strap. He now holds an unimpressive record of 1-4 since joining the UFC ranks.

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Unlike Melendez, 2-time Bellator lightweight king Eddie Alvarez would not be rewarded with an immediate title shot upon his UFC arrival. Instead, he’d face Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone in the co-main event of UFC 178, where he’d ultimately lose a hard-fought 3-round war. After surviving some nasty shots inside of the clinch in the opening round, Cerrone would chop the lead left leg of his opponent en route to a unanimous decision thus threatening the future of Alvarez inside of the UFC 155 lbs. division.

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A win over the aforementioned Gilbert Melendez and former UFC and WEC champ Anthony Pettis later and Alvarez quickly finds his way where we all expected him to end up. He proved to us that he can stick to a gameplan and we were forced to fear him even more so under the tutelage of Mark Henry.

Welcome to November 12th 2016. Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor will do war later on tonight in the main event of the most historic card in UFC history.

All of the ballyhoo, the tomfoolery, the shenanigans – do yourself a favor and forget about it. Conor McGregor is more focused than you could even imagine when it comes to tonight’s fight. He’s spent twice as much time preparing for Alvarez inside of the cage than he has trying his best to entice the fringe fan into forking over their hard-earned dollars to purchase this PPV.

I’ve been told by the powers that be at that I have to pick a winner. Destiny seems to be on McGregor’s side. I see him surviving the initial Alvarez onslaught and overcoming adversity to take this contest via TKO in the 3rd round. History will be made. Agree or disagree – it’s your duty to tune in on November 12th to find out. Feel free to share your prediction in the comments section below or forever hold your peace.

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