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UFC 218: Eddie Alvarez vs. Justin Gaethje full fight highlights



When Eddie Alvarez (29-5) versus Justin Gaethje (18-1) as announced, it was the kind of fight came with the type of expectation that one would think simply could not be achieved. When these two finally shared that cage to do battle in Detroit on a Saturday night in December, they actually exceeded those expectations. It was a masterpiece of violence that ended with Alvarez finally put Gaethje down with a knee before adding some more punches just to make sure he wouldn’t rise from the dead. This fight would be the second of two fights to win fight of the night on a card that was loaded with action.

Alvarez landed 121 of 301 strikes in this contest while Gaethje would land 103 of 201. Both men were immediately taken to the hospital after the fight. The highlights are all yours to enjoy above.

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