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UFC 218: Max Holloway vs. Jose Aldo 2 full fight highlights



The ‘Blessed’ Era was on fully display in Detroit on Saturday night where fans would get to see proud Hawaiian Max Holloway (19-3) dismantle Jose Aldo (26-4) with a performance that felt very similar to the one we saw when these two first hooked up for the first time at UFC 212 in Brazil.

Aldo fought a perfect fight in the first two around against Holloway. He paced himself for a five round war while scoring at the most opportune times. There were instances when he’d get into little fire fights with Holloway but his superior head movement and his quickness got him in and out with ease. Then came the third round.

The outcome to this fight was almost identical to their first meeting aside from Aldo hanging in there for an extra half minute or so to eat even more Hawaiian leather this time around. Holloway goaded Aldo into a war, draining him of any energy he had left until he absolutely crumpled him, dishing out an efficient high-energy brand of punishment that simply could not be matched.

Holloway more than doubled his striking statistics from the first two rounds in the third; when he saw Aldo slow he simply went into a different gear. The champ landed 108 of 204 strikes in the 3rd round while eating 38 of 63 strikes from a game, yet beaten Aldo. Check out the full fight highlights from this one above.

stats via fightmetric

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