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UFC Boston weigh-in highlight: McGregor – championship weight, Siver – 146




To cap off their stare down inside of the historic Orpheum theater in Boston earlier today, Irish superstar Conor McGregor smacked his opponents left hand with his left hand; a bit of a love tap just one night before they get to actually ball up those fists and attempt to separate one another from consciousness.

For McGregor, it was surely another attempt to get into his Dennis Siver’s head, but again, it was to no avail. Well, visibly at least. Siver continues to keep his cool heading into what is easily the biggest fight for both men’s careers and for completely different reasons. McGregor made a strong point to mention his weight – championship weight – heading into tomorrow nights main event on FOX Sports 1. It was likely not only the final verbal jab that will be delivered from him to Siver, but also another statement for himself and his fans, and most importantly, Jose Aldo.

“That’s 145. That’s championship weight. Tell Jose [Aldo] i’m coming.”

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