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UFC Fight Night 55 & 56 Kountermove Preview + Freeroll




We’ve got a full weekend of UFC events this weekend with FN 55 happening Friday night in Australia and FN 56 Saturday night in Brazil. In preparation for the fights on this weekend, we’ve got your regular KM breakdown AND a beautiful double-header freeroll for you hot off the press from the wonderful folks at Kountermove. The breakdown will include a few picks I like and a one I’m not so fond of for each card. Before we get to that, here`s a little reminder from the founders of the site on how KM works and how fights are scored:

“About Kountermove.  Kountermove, Inc. is currently the world’s leading Fantasy MMA community. Kountermove is like fantasy football or baseball, but for MMA. Our founders, Aaron Ard and Brian Knapp, are Jiu-jitsu black belts and IBJJF competitors.

Pick your team of 5 fighters. You are given a “salary cap” of $25,000 in fantasy money to spend on drafting your team of fighters you expect to perform well/win.

Each fighter is assigned a price that is reflective of his or her respective odds. For example, in UFC 167: GSP cost $6,000, while Johny Hendricks cost $5,000. Since Hendricks is the underdog, he cost less than GSP.

Score Points and Win. Once the fight card begins, you accumulate points based on how well your picks performed.

Winners are determined by the most points earned – points are awarded: strikes landed, submission attempts, knockdowns, dominant positions, rounds won, and knockout or submission bonuses.

Fight statistics are provided by FightMetric LLC, the UFC’s official stats provider.”

Here are a few extra links to get you accustomed to how the site works and how performances are scored.

How it works


Remember this is fantasy sports, so you’re not only trying to pick a winner but someone you think will finish the fight or rack up a ton of points on their way to a decision.

Here are 3 quick tips for each event that will hopefully help you make some cash on Saturday:


Fight Night 55 – Sydney, Australia

1. An expensive pick I’m going with for Friday’s card in Australia is going to be Soa Palelei ($5,300). I see Soa wasting little time getting Harris to the ground and ground ‘n’ pounding the life out of him until the fight gets stopped. Soa has his limits, but I think after what we’ve seen so far from Harris that they’re farther up the heavyweight ladder than “The Big Ticket”. I think Soa gets you at least 100 points with a first round finish, but if not I like his chances of victory compared to Harris’ if the fight does go longer.

2.  Clint Hester ($4,500) is a cheap pick that I think should impress this weekend. This is a bit of an odd fight considering Robert Whittaker is moving up a weight class from welterweight to fight an already large middleweight in Hester. Despite being arguably the more technical striker, I think the size difference is going to be too much for Whittaker. I see him getting tagged on the feet before Hester gets him to the ground and finishes the fight from there.

3. A fighter I’m staying away from is going to be Jumabieke Tuerxun ($4,600). I just don’t see any particular upside to warrant picking him in this matchup. I think Brimage can at the least get a pretty dominant decision, and potentially even get the stoppage. If you’re looking for a cheaper pick to round out your team there are a number of other fighters priced even lower than Tuerxun that give you a better chance at some KM points.


Fight Night 56 – Uberlandia, Brazil

1. There are a few great picks for this card, but my top option for Saturday’s fights in Brazil is Colby Covington ($5,300). There was a lot of hype behind Covington going into his UFC debut in August, being Jon Jones college roommate and former training partner, and he delivered with his first round mauling of Anying Wang. He’s an aggressive fighter who is KM gold, constantly looking to finish the fight. I think he gets it done in impressive fashion and helps put you in the money this weekend.

2. If you need a really cheap pick, I think Ovince St-Preux ($4,300) has actually got a decent chance to get the win against the former UFC champion Rua. OSP is the exact type of fighter you want for your Kountermove team when he’s not fighting Ryan Bader. He’s got the striking prowess, grappling ability, and flashy submission attempts to make this an excitingly close fight and I think he could easily steal a few rounds if the fight goes to decision. For the cheap price tag, I like OSP’s chances to get you a decent return for your KM team.

3. An entire fight I’d stay away from Saturday night is the featherweight bout between TUF: Latin America fighters Diego Rivas ($5,500) and Rodolfo Rubio ($4,100). Both guys got finished on their respective sides of the TUF bracket and will now meet as a late addition to Fight Night 56 after the change in headliners. I see the fight being exciting but I think it’s going to be a pretty close one, with a finish potentially coming from either fighter. I lean towards Rivas to get the win, but the chance of the more experienced Rubio catching a submission is too high for me to want to spend $5,500 to get him on my KM team.

If you don’t have an account you’re in luck; it only takes about an email address and about 30 seconds to sign up. Hurry up and get in this one because the fights start Friday night!

Fightbooth’s Fight Night 55 & 56 Doubleheader FREEROLL

Good luck this weekend!

Questions? Suggestions? Give me a shout on twitter @BlackEyeBowtie

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