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UFC Fight Night 63: Ron Stallings versus Justin Jones play-by-play




It’s 11 a.m. in Fairfax, Virginia and we are ready to kick off the preliminary portion of UFC Fight Night 63 on FOX Sports 1 from the George Mason University campus. Jon Anik and Brian Stann are cageside to call the action. Justin Jones has already made his walk to the cage and Ron Stallings is just about to join him. Jones makes it clear that he does not want to touch gloves before the two men do battle. Todd McGovern is the referee in charge of the action.

After missing with a couple of strikes, Jones eats a left kick to the body from the southpaw. Jones presses Stallings against the cage then looks to land a big power left hook off the release that Stallings ducks under easily. Another left kick from Stallings lands and you can see the pain written all over the face of Jones. He clutches his body and retreats back toward the cage. Stallings smells blood and starts throwing some nice calculated shots but Jones is covering up nicely. He even lands a left and a couple of big right counters of his own. Jones weathers the storm and establishes a clinch on Stallings before reversing position. Jones drops down for a double and hits it. Stallings goes for a choke but Jones is able to escape fairly easily. We are back on the feet with Jones back in control and Stallings against the cage. From here there is a lot of stalling from Jones. . Jones backs off and decides to exchange with Stallings again. He attempts another takedown after thinking better of it. Jones continues to grind Stallings against the cage for the better part of the final two minutes of the round. Tough round to score with Stallings nearly finishing the fight early and Jones controlling the rest of it.

Stallings has no problems dodging everything by Jones. Jones has had enough and is able to get Stallings back against the cage. McGovern is starting to get frustrated and is a lot quicker to separate then men during the lulls in action.

“You just see the difference in technique striking. Stallings is light years ahead of Jones.” – Brian Stann

Now Stallings is able to get Jones against the cage when he senses Jones is ready to take the fight there himself, Jones reverses. Stallings reverses and the fight goes back to the center of the cage. Stallings is able to back Jones up and land a nice left jab while Jones continues to swing at the air. Jones blocks a left high kick and then shoots back in for the double leg.

“Good level change there from Justin Jones. He had the timing right but he did not bring his feet with that double leg. He got inside the hips but you could see the whites of his feet facing up he did not have his toes planted to drive through.” – Brian Stann

Jones is still able to finish the takedown after fighting for it. He doesn’t really do a whole lot with it but he takes the round by controlling Stallings for the better part of it.

Round 3 opens and it remains clear that Stallings has the striking advantage. Jones doesn’t like it and telegraphs a takedown attempt that Stallings blocks easily. Jones is able to bully him back against the cage. Jones breaks away, lands some strikes and goes right back to grinding away on Stallings. The referee breaks it up while Jones is hanging on for the double leg. Stallings land a nice shot to the body then attempts a left head kick that Jones blocks easily. Another left kick but this one is to the body and it lands. Now Stallings lands one on the leg of Jones, he’s just toying with him and again, Jones has had enough. He goes for the takedown and it’s stuffed. Stallings head movement is either a thing of beauty or Jones is just that much of an amateur as far as his stand up goes. Still, Jones has no problem getting his opponent against the cage. Jones looks for the single against he cage but he may just be too winded at this point. The ref separates and Stallings lands another left kick to the body. Some knees in the clinch are landed by Stallings and we are back against the cage with Jones attempting the takedown. The fight ends with the back of the frustrated Stallings against the cage while he pounds way on the back of Jones with his right hand. It’s time to go to the judges scorecards.

Final Result: Ron Stallings (13-7) defeats Justin Jones (3-2) via UD (29-28 x 2, 30-27)