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UFC Fight Night Highlights: Sonnen submits Rua, Wanderlei reacts



Chael Sonnen earned the first victory of his career over a former UFC champion last night. It was an impressive finish of Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua in the very first round via a tight guillotine that forced the the former light heavyweight champion to tap before he would’ve fallen asleep in front of nearly 13,000 Boston strong. Nobody saw it coming. Certainly not Shogun’s long time friend Wanderlei Silva. Check out his reaction below –

Almost more impressive than the victory itself is Sonnen’s ability post-fight to pop off a speech that he likely had prepared beforehand in typical Superstar Billy Grahamesque fashion- never missing a beat.

So what’s next for Chael? You better believe that Vitor wants a piece.

Stay tuned folks.

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