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UFC Fight Night Porto Alegre Highlight: Frank Mir slays ‘Bigfoot’



Watching it live it almost looked fixed. Frank Mir hits the 6 ft 4 in giant Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva with a little jab and he drops like a sack of potatoes. Mir follows it up with some more lefts hands and right elbows and Silva is out; referee Mario Yamaskai is forced to wave off the contest.

Then we saw the replay. Mir’s stand up game has never been his strong suit. During his heyday it served him well enough to set up his shots and take the fight where he excelled – on the ground. Last night, he used it to set up a brilliant power left hook that earned him his first win since all the way back in 2011, when he applied the unforgettable kimura that would snap Big Nog’s arm in Toronto. After 4 consecutive losses since, this one had to feel good for Mir.

A 5th consecutive loss for Mir, especially via T(KO) would’ve been devastating. However, his victory in a heavyweight division that remains as shallow as ever keeps the future UFC HOF’er relevant.

For Silva, who suffered his 5th loss via T(KO) over his last 8 fights – it may be time to seriously think about another line of work. You have to worry about his health and his ability to continue to take punches and stay upright at this juncture. Unfortunately for Bigfoot, he was born with way too big of a target on top of his shoulders. He’s not going to be able to show of his jiu-jitsu against the top tier fighters in the division that he clearly cannot take down. And if he’s getting knocked out by a heavyweight like Mir, who isn’t exactly known for his power, it’s worrisome.

This was one of those main events that saw one man take a large step back in the right direction while the other may have taken his last step inside of a UFC octagon.