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UFC/Reebok Official Fight Kit Launch replay video



UFC fans, fighters and media are all about to embark on a strange journey together. The years of cage banners draped behind fighters showing advertisers and photos of themselves screaming are over. The years of fighters wearing shorts littered with advertisers the like of ‘Condom Depot’ and ‘Dude Wipes‘ – they’re over too. If you’re a Zuffa fighter – it’s all about Reebok, for the next 6 years at least.

It’s all about “performance and individuality” according to Reebook VP Todd Krinsky. While the launch at times did feel like we were about to break into some kind of Hunger Games/Street Fighter/Zoolander charade, it did show Reebok’s passion about being in the combat sports game.


With emphasis on the three things pictured above, Reebok really is keeping the feeling of individuality with a sense of order and prestige.


“I always like wearing black because I’m the bad guy and gold cause I’m the best,” women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey explained to Reebok TBU GM Corrina Werkle. You see the gold octagon shape crest on Ronda’s right sleeve. That gold is the mark of a champion and will only be worn by champions and fans who purchase the gear of their favorite champions.


There’s also a heavy emphasis on country as evidenced by the crest on Cain Velasquez’s shirt above.

Fans of soccer will be in love with this new look for the UFC while some fans are already audibly bashing the look because of its soccer feel. Regardless, whether the ride is smooth or bumpy, this is just the beginning of a marriage between two powerhouses. Strap yourselves in.

Check out the replay of today’s official UFC Fight Kit Launch from the Big Apple to see what your favorite fighters will be wearing beginning July 11th in Las Vegas.

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