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Unsanctioned Podcast: Dan Severn Episode



Whether you know him as a mixed martial arts legend, a professional wrestler, or an actor, Dan Severn is a “beast” across the board. Severn pulls no punches as he discusses his storied career with Unsanctioned’s Luis Vasquez and Jae Holland.
Topics include:
– Whether he thinks Brock Lesnar is clean or not. 
– What a young Goldberg thanked him for.
– Working with Jim Cornette.
– Business deals gone wrong with Ken Shamrock, closing the door on any potential rematch.
– Wanting one more shot at Royce Gracie and not appreciating his arrogance.
– How the WWF roster viewed him backstage during the Attitude Era and what he said to them to change that.
– His four years as NWA Champion and if he still owns the belt.
– Working non-exclusive contracts wherever he went, including for Vince McMahon.
– On never being in a real street fight before, and what he did to take it a step further when a bar patron challenged him to a fight.
– His time with Owen Hart.
– And much more!
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Luis Vasquez is a multimedia journalist based out of Boston. His work and insights have been featured across various wrestling, baseball, and current event outlets and publications. He believes Chris Jericho's "Break the Walls Down" theme song is the greatest entrance music ever created.

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