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Video: CM Punk on recent WWE lawsuit, UFC 225 bout and ‘All In’



CM Punk joined MMAFighting‘s Ariel Helwani in Chicago to talk about a multitude of subjects ahead of his PPV bout with Mike Jackson this Saturday night. You can check out the full video above — it only runs just over 20 minutes — and/or check out some bullet points from the interview below.

• Winning the defamation lawsuit yesterday was one of only a few times that Punk lost his emotions.

• He equates walking back to the courthouse to hear the verdict to walking out to the cage to compete.

• He believes the lawsuit was intentionally done by WWE to bleed him of money. Had he lost, he would have had to pay out nearly 4 million dollars.

• He doesn’t know if WWE intentionally had the lawsuit scheduled for this week in the lead up to his fight but he believes that it’s a possibility if you know how they operate.

• The trial has helped him become hyper focused on the fight.

• He knew right after his loss in his UFC debut that he’d compete in MMA again. He said to UFC President Dana White after the fight, “between you and me, I’m going to fight again – whether it’s for you or somebody else.”

• He will be walking out to ‘Cult of Personality’ Saturday night in Chicago.

• “There’s nothing that I can say or do that will speak louder than the results,” Punk on the fight with Jackson.

• Punk said he wanted to focus on him and not do all of the promotion for this fight as opposed to his debut which is why there was virtually no build up video wise.

• He believes he’s improved everywhere. He says he wasn’t nervous his first time out but hopes he is this time.

• He doesn’t know if he’ll fight again after Saturday.

• Punk doesn’t see a negative outcome in this fight when he visualizes it.

• Punk says he will not be ‘All In’ on September 1st. Shockingly, he says that no one has given him a real offer to come wrestle for them since he stopped wrestling.

• He definitely sounds more optimistic about returning to wrestling than he would’ve been before the trial.

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