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Video: Drew Chatman does a flip off unconscious opponent after scoring accidental KO



It may be time to change that nickname.

“The Honorable” Drew Chatman scored one of the luckier KO’s in recent memory last night after LFA 36 went off the air on AXS TV. Unfortunately for him, his next move would get that win taken away in an instant—and rightfully so.

In a very strange sequence that took place just past the halfway marker of the first stanza, Chatman’s opponent, Irvins Ayala, would virtually knock himself out by jamming his own face into the knee of Chatman, who was on his back in guard, as he connected with a hammerfist. Crazy, right? You have to watch it at least a few times to even begin to understand what happened. And that wasn’t even the strangest thing that happened during Chatman and Ayala’s time together inside of the cage.

Following the KO, “The Honorable” one would then proceed to plant both of his feet into Ayala’s back — remember, this man was unconscious at the time — before doing a front flip onto the mat of the cage. Chatman would end up being disqualified for jumping off his opponent’s back to celebrate his short lived victory.

Chatman is currently scheduled to fight again next Thursday night on the main card of Tachi Palace Fights 34.

image credit – Tapology